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Any sculpting courses with Blender V2.81+?

I'm taking a lot of courses and doing tutorials related to Blender (and also done quite a bit of Zbrush in the past) but now moving completely to Blender. Are there any recent tutorials or courses for sculpting with the latest version of Blender on CGCookie? Plans to update or create new ones?

  • This may or may not be super helpful, but I'm currently going through sculpting myself, and I find that for the most part, sculpting functions haven't much changed in 2.8! Fortunately, a lot of the sculpting tutorials here focus on technique mostly. 

    If you're getting the hang of 2.8 still, I'd say it's worthwhile to check out the quick "overview" CGCookie has about beginning 2.8, and then really, just about any sculpting video should be useful, because it's one of the most "organic" workflows in Blender, as opposed to being purely technical, like say, rigging...? 

    That being said, a fair warning that the sci-fi helmet tutorial is a bit of an exception to this, because it hinges on a "grease cut" add-on workflow that hasn't been updated since 2.7-something...So you'd need to find a creative way around that. =\

    TL;DR though? Even though they're likely coming out with plenty more tutorials in the future (ESPECIALLY with the later 2.8 versions focusing on a sculpting overhaul!) it's totally worth just following whatever tutorial you fancy and adapting it to 2.8 yourself, once you have a grasp of where things got moved. It's not as hard with sculpting as with other Blender activities. :)

    The important thing about sculpting is doing as much of it as possible, tutorials or not. Hope this helps, and good luck! ^_^

  • Thanks for the response, that's what I thought and coming from Zbrush know all too well that practice is the word!!! ;)

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    Totally agreed with arcangel_zero7 ! I'll just chime in to say that we always use the latest stable version of Blender to record, so once 2.81 is released and we create more sculpting content, the new stuff will be covered.