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Schematic View on blender


I'm switching from Max to Blender - what is great so far. But sometimes I miss some things.

Is there something like the Schematic View in Blender?

Schematic View is a Window that shows you the parentship or constrains the Objects are connected with 

It makes it easy to see which bones are conceted or which one are missing. Very handy for Rigging. 

Google didn't find an answers so I hope you have. If there isn't one in Blender is there a add on for this? 

  • greyphoenix 

    I don't think there's such feature (which would actually be quite nice !) The closest I know is the outliner, either the "Scene" display or the "View layer" display will show you how objects are linked to each other. The dashed link means the object belongs to another collection.

  • Thank you for the answer!

    I guess I have to work with outline then. It's just a progress to get used to it. 

    That it has two selections - one in scene selected and one in outliner selected confuses me sometimes. 

    Is there a way to tell it to unfold the path to the bones that is selected? 

    For example when I have a bone selected that drives the lip- it selects the parented bones but does not unfold- so I hae to manually unfold it until the bone,

    Or a shortcut or so?