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Live Stream: Blender Rigging Tips + Tid Bits, November 19th, 7pm CST

Hi all,

I'll be hosting a live stream pack full of my rigging knowledge.  I am planning to walk through a couple rig breakdowns (show how it is put together) and answer some questions and help with any problems you might be having as well as give you a bunch of helpful tips.

If you have something you'd like me to look at or help with, feel free to send me a link and I'd be happy to take a look and point you in the right direction.

All of the stuff I will talk about will end up in future rigging tutorials and courses, but I have a rather long to-do list so I'm trying to answer some of the common questions I get about rigging before I eventually get around to recording that content.

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  • I've got a few questions
    1. One of the biggest things that concern me about rigging is just getting the deformations looking correct. Do you have any tips about weight painting, especially around the leg to hip area and shoulder to arm?

    2. Situation: Say, I've built a rig and everything is weighted the way I want it to. Now I notice I need more deformation bones, maybe to build a face rig or Ineed a helper bone here or there. How do I parent these new bones without blowing away the weight painting I've already done with the rest of the rig?

    3. When I see other people showing off their rigs, I see a lot of  them say "This is completely bone based, no shape keys!"  Why is this so note worthy?  Is there an advantage to having everything controlled by bones? Is there a disadvantage to shape keys?