Empty + array modifier for the fins

I'm using an array modifier to duplicate the fins. I managed to get the result needed, but I had to move the Origin of the Fin to the center of the rocket in order for the modifier to work. Is this standard practice or should the Origin of the Fin remain in the Center of Mass?

  • In order to get the desired result, as you said, you have to move the origin point. The array modifier will use that origin to determine from where to add duplicates. This is also the method I decided to use when adding the fins.

    • Thank you. I wasn't sure if I had to move the origin or not or actually if it was a good practice :)

    • kurt_ek yes some modifiers require you have your object origin at the center of the World Coordinates. (X = 0, Y = 0, Z = 0) for their behavior to be what you expect. The same goes for the Object mode scale and rotation as well. It is inherent to how modifiers are modifying the object data. I wish I could be more technical but that's all I got, haha.

      Learning modifiers is an art all on it's own and it is a great way to save time modeling certain things. Once you get more experienced with them the more unique things they can do for you. And there is even such a thing as using modifiers then applying them and using them again after making some adjustments to the model (a very unique workflow).

    • blanchsb Thank you! Yeah, I'm gonna try to learn a bit more about modifiers because I do want to model in a non-destructive way. Also, I got HardOps and it's freaking awesome how quick you can change modifiers and all bunch of things :)