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Noob question... Switching modes (Object/Edit/Pose)


One question... How do you switch so fast between Object -> Pose mode at 5:30 time marker of the video?

If I hit TAB it only switches between Pose <-> Edit mode... and you are not using the Pie menu. 

I think screen cast keys could be extremely helpful in these kind of cases. 


  • crew

    The factory settings will make Tab switch between Edit -> Object modes and Ctrl Tab bring up the pie menu.
    If you are a modeller this makes sense, however, if you need access to many different modes, like I do, then it makes more sense to reverse this.

    Do you see the setting that says 'Tab for Pie Menu', it does exactly that.

  • Hello,

    I see what you mean... thing is that that was not what I meant. It's my fault as I didn't explain it right... It looks like you are "shift-selecting" the bone and it instantly switches into pose mode. But in reality you are just using the pie menu in a "downward motion" so fast it doesn't show on screen?

    Sorry to draw this question/situation out, but sadly part of being good at 3D is being fast... :) so I would like to learn to speed up things.


  • crew

    Ah I know what you mean.

    I am selecting multiple objects, ie the mesh object and then the armature object.

    Blender will remember the last state that the armature was in when you shift select like this (which was pose mode)

    If you are having trouble selecting the two objects like this, try disabling 'Lock Object Modes' in the Edit menu.

    I think that will sort it out.

    And don't worry too much about speed when you are learning.  The speed will come with experience, that's a promise :)

  • Hello,

    Thanks so much  for the answer... now I see... that's actually pretty neat. I will be testing that now a bit :)


  • killzone  I remember struggling to change between pose and edit mode on the fly like that. Those small tips help out a lot. When it came to rigging and animating I found myself selecting mesh elements and then I somehow touched a bone on accident while control selecting and all of the sudden I shifted into weight paint mode...….what!?!?

    I think some of these hidden functionalities could be explained better. For now that tab to open the pie menu to change modes is nice enough. The pie menu also has a speed sensing to it. Once you get really comfortable using it if you open the pie menu and quick go to the next mode it will transfer without you having to click your mouse. This is super handy once your muscle memory has been established.