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Subsurface modifier is shrinking object

When I apply the subsurface subdivision modifier to the curved object, the bracket pieces shrink (compared to just getting smoothed, as in the tutorial). 

I checked the modifier settings and they're the same as the tutorial. I can't figure out what went wrong. Any thoughts?

Also, my file is available here:

Thank you!

  • Hi mmutantbanana , you forgot to bevel the edges before applying a Subsurf Modifier.

    If you give the default Cube a Subsurf, it also 'shrinks' into something more spherical, but if you give the edges a slight Bevel, it will stay a cube (with rounded edges).

    Kent goes through the process of beveling the edges in the video;)

  • Hi spikeyxxx, Aha! Thank you for this explanation. While I thought my bracket edges were already beveled from an earlier tutorial in this series, after reading your comment I looked more closely and realized that a few edges of my brackets weren't beveled where Kent's were.  When I beveled those the problem went away. Thanks for the input - much appreciated!