Bhavesh Patel (ryzen7)

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Bridging the edge loops connect the different vertices and gives weird shape


When I try to bridge the edge loop,  instead of connecting nearest vertices,  vertices with little bit more offset are connected. I have also tried to play with twist function from the menu but it does not connect correctly.  Only way to connect the edge loop remains is manually now. But I want to know how to solve this thing? Am I missing anything here. 

  • rryzen7 Hi.

    This is happening, because the order of the vertices of the two edge loops is not consistent; one is going clockwise and the other anti-clockwise.

    You could, before connecting them, rotate the inner edge loop 180° around the Y-axis. That should fix it.

    Alternatively, enable the Loop Tools Addon (highly recommended!). 

    Then if you go into the Context Menu, or look in the N-Panel under Edit you can Bridge from there, which not only gives you the Twist option, but also a Reverse checkbox.

    With F9 (F6 if you are still using Blender 2.79 or earlier), you can change those: