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You should rename that course to "Fundamentals of Frustration"

Obviously the author knows how to animate in Blender. But to know the subject and to teach the subject are two completely different things.

The current course is a set of videos with jokes, it might be amusing for someone, but it does not teach thus it's completely useless.
Perhaps it would be better if the author begins to make courses that are interesting to him, quite complex and in demand by an experienced audience (maybe you've already done that if so - that's great!)
As for the initial course, such a flow of material is unsuitable.

  • You should try the animation boot camp with Wayne Dixon on this site, his classes are great and he provides a lot of feedback and encouragement.  I have learned a lot and had fun, even if I still struggle to get an acceptable walk cycle.

    Blender Animation Bootcamp

    Blender Animation Bootcamp

  • crew

    Hi Michael,

    Sorry for your frustration.  We are currently updating this course as we speak, however, if you are interested in actually learning to improve and get better at character animation in Blender, try the animation bootcamp.

    It is full of exercises and video lectures that will help you achieve your goal.

    Warning: Animation is hard. But make sure you post your work and I will give you a guiding hand.

  • Tania, Wayne, big thanks for the tip, I'll put that course on my list for sure.