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Antenna Rig Control 2.8

A little bit lost during animation in 2,8 version of the scene... I can see and can animate rig controls for root, spin, eyes etc.... But I can't see rig for the antenna. I don't see controls for it and I can't animate bones for it, because I can't see them either. What did I miss?

  • crew

    This is almost the same in 2.80 mihailmihno.

    If you are not seeing the antenna controls make sure you turn them on with the UI.

    Do you see the second row there? How the 'Anetenna' button is not Blue.

    Click it so it is.

    Also make sue the "Antenna: Hide" is set to 0.

    In the downloads for the 2.8 versions I'm pretty sure I included the video walkthrough that  explains how to get everything working if it doesn't work out of the box.


    Let me know how you get on.

  • Oh! Thank you)... I don't know how did I miss it yesterday and in video description about rigs. Now I see that in 2.8 RIG UI is not added to the item panel, but it was added as a separate tab 

    So, now everything is fine. I'll continue to animate)