Adam Janz (copperplate)

3 answers · asked · Lesson: Denoising Renders in Blender 2.81

Great and helpful video!

Thanks for this great comparison video, Jonathan! I have used Neat Video before to denoise and sharpen my Tron animation in Cycles. It worked really well, but some grunge details were lost on the floor. Nevertheless, Neat Video is extremely impressive for noise removal. For still images, at higher sample counts, I found that Blender's default denoiser produces better results than NVIDIA Optix. At lower counts, the reverse is true. :-) I'd like to test Neat Video on Eevee animation with low sample counts. This recent 30 sec archviz animation I produced took 76 hours to render at 256 samples and 60 fps in Eevee (even with the optimization of turning off renderability for an entire room when it was no longer visible. With both rooms fully enabled, the render times were 9+ minutes per frame. Otherwise, average render time was 1.5 - 3 minutes per frame.) I'd like to see this at much lower counts and denoised in Neat Video. :-)