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What brings you here?

Aka, introduce yourself.

The Second Life community introduced me to 3D modelling as an attainable hobby, later I came to Opensim and my goal is to be one of the first well-known 3D artists there, I could see myself expanding to VRchat or some other unity-based venture.

I started by watching fairly random tutorials on Blender then moving on to Blender Guru and doing his donut tutorial. As I moved on to other projects I felt my progress was stale and I wasn't improving much.

 Then the Blender UI changed and I had a new learning curve to get through, so here I am.

I am currently this far through the treasure chest course, I still have little memory of how the current UI works.

My current inspirations are Rayman (current fandom), NiGHTS (former/dormant fandom) and Firewatch (wonderful artstyle.)