Phil Osterbauer (phoenix4690)

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Torso Translation is scaling the feet

waylow I notice when the Torso control translates along the Z axis the feet scale in and out. When the torso moves to the point where the legs stretch this effect is most present. Are they supposed to do that? I have a feeling in any type of walk cycle the feet are going to look like they are "wobbling" a bit.
*Note this only happens while the feet are set to IK in world space*

  • I've found if I select the Foot_FK (left or right). Then go to the Bone properties under Relations and uncheck "Inherit Scale" the scaling no longer occurs. But I guess I'm not sure if I'm breaking functions that are meant to be there. Seems to be working really well so far otherwise.

  • crew

    I'm not sure what you mean Phil, can you send a screen shot or a video.

    I'm hoping that it isn't broken in 2.80 as I am actually using 2.81.

    (I haven't messed with any of the new scale options in this rig - but I have in others)