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How to make NPR (non-photorealistic render) ILM texture maps?

I was currently creating an NPR anime character when I got stuck in the texturing phase, reason being was that I didn't know how to emulate the 2D feel unto a 3D model.


This video discussing the usage of ILM texture maps which I have never heard about. Upon further research I found out that ILM texture maps are also utilized in a game called Guilty Gear Xrd by Arc System works, whose characters has the look I wanna go for.

My question is how do you make ILM texture maps? Like the one discussed in the Youtube link above? What do they look like? Do they have RGB colors in the texture maps?

  • I dunno about making texture maps but there is a pretty cool toony style asset of shaders on the blender market called Kamikaze Shader Pack. It is a group of shaders that make a 2D feel much like a comic book. If you are into shader nodes and know your way around I would recommend this pack. And you could probably adapt and learn from how it shades.

    It only works in ever but reacts to real-time lighting. You can check out my gallery where I have used it a few times.

    I had some problems with it using a MacBook Pro 2011 model, but on windows it is flawless.

    It also doesn’t transfer out of blender into Unity. Hope that helps.

  • crew

    Whoa, what a cool video. Thanks for sharing! If you have a specular intensity map, an ambient occlusion map, a specular occlusion map, and some line art you can make your own in Blender using the Combine RGB node.