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render dynamic paint with wave modifier

I am trying to use dynamic paint with the wave modifier, I can't get it to render the way I want.   This is what it looks like.

rendered in view port

finally rendered in evee, 

there is no effect from the dynamic paint.  I am trying to have an object move in wave, would I be better leaning the fluids?  I don't know that much about rendering, so it could be in there.  Also would I be better using a the texture of the dynamic paint?  This is a simplified version of what the animation is, just trying to get it to work here.  Thanks in advance.

  • Hi ttanya53 !

    What are your Dynamic Paint Settings? They should be something like this:

    For the Canvas and something like this:

    For the Brush.

    Make sure the Brush is moving.

    What do you mean with using the Wave Modifier?

    Setting the Surface Type of the Canvas to Waves?

    • Hi, thanks for the response.  I changed to the settings to what you gave and it didn't change.  The brush is animated, I just picked a frame to show the problem.   The wave modifier is on the canvas, in theory the waves from the modifier are going to shore, which works.  The ball is a person walking out into the water.  I am sure I am doing something dumb. 

      above, modifiers on plane

      canvas settings

      brush settings

      the plane is basically a glass material.

      I liked your animation from Tuesday.  I thought the swam looked great, can't imagine how long it took to put it together and come up with an nice idea.

  • You can use an Ocean Modifier and Dynamic Paint together, if that's what you're going for...

    Put the Ocean Modifier before the Dynamic Paint. 

    Animate the Time in the Ocean Modifier.

    Probably not very visible here, but something like:

    • I was avoiding the ocean modifier since it creates a large mesh, I think.,and wanted something more to scale with everything else I have already made.  Is that the correct understanding?

  • I finally got it to work, modifier order does matter.  The canvas had  to be dynamic paint, subdivision and then the wave modifier.  Works great now.