Mark B (marku)

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Fins deform after joining.

When I join the 5 rocket fins together they somehow deform?

  • Now that IS weird.  Hmmm.

    Have you tried applying scale and rotation to everything before joining?

    • Sadly, yes. I scaled it out a little and rotated it for a bit to see if it worked but the results are the same. Should I just remake the fin and see if that works out instead?

    • applying location, rotation or scale is not the same as using them...

      1. with the n panel open check to see if rotation values are all at zero and scale values are all at one...

      2. if they are not then (with the fin object selected) using ctrl + a open the pie menu to apply these values...

      an alternate to this is to pull down the object menu in the header and find apply and select location rotation or scale...

    • Oh.. yea sorry I'm not that well versed in blender yet. But I tried to apply scale and rotation before joining but it didn't work.

    • Hi Mark!

      I am not sure about this, but to me it looks like all five fins are deformed and it seems to be a Normals issue. My guess is also that this deformation was already there before joining the fins...

      Try this: select the fins, go into Edit Mode, press Shift-N  (Recalculate Normals).

      If this doesn't help, please provide a link to your .blend file.

    • It still doesn't work, but thanks for the advice plus how do you provide a link? I'm really new to Blender, apologies for my lack of knowledge.

    • mmarku you don't have to apologize for being new to Blender;)

      Anyway providing a link has nothing to do with Blender...

      Upload your .blend file to Dropbox or Google drive or  cloud service you prefer and that will allow you to make a share link, which you can then paste here.