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September 17th, 8pm CDT, 2019 - Blender Animation Critique

Hey folks,

I will be hosting a Live Animation Critique on September 17th, 20:00-21:30 CDT.

I will be answering any animation questions you might have, and critiquing your animation!

So please post any questions here, as well as links to your work that you would like me to look at.

I will focus on the submissions that are related to your CGCookie learning first, but I'm happy to look at any animations that you are working on.

Don't forget to RSVP to the event!

  • Oh HECK yeah!

    On his live stream yesterday, Kent mentioned something about an internet reliability upgrade in your neck of the woods that meant you'd be able to start hosting live streams soon.  Looking forward to seeing what you bring!

  • waylow congrats on finally getting your koala-bears-with-cans-internet upgraded to hoppy fast kangaroo speed! It’s about time 🎉

    Bummed it will be at 3 AM for me so I won’t catch it live ☹️

    Good luck and hope you enjoy doing your first glitch free stream!

  • Yay! This is awesome! I'm going to go ahead and submit my current treasure chest animation. I uploaded my beauty render as well as a viewport render with frame numbers. My goal was to make it seem like someone (or something, oooh spooky) was trying to escape from the chest. I would love to get feedback on it! See you in the stream!

  • I havent practiced as much as I should. But I struggle with making characters feel alive. What are things you do to make sure your characters feel alive? Here are links to animations ive done outside the courses with the vonn bots rigs.

  • Hey Wayne, If you allow me to put in a horrible animation...

    I do not want to be an animator, but I would like to be able to animate, if that makes sense;)

    I still need to follow your animation courses (just got to the ball circle...)!

    I can make things move, but I can't animate and I realize that that is going to take a lot of time and effort, but still, if you have time enough, please watch this:

  • It is still not finished and perhaps it doesn't counts as an animation, but I'll try and submit it nonetheless, see where that goes. It's a demo reel I've been working on to maybe try and land a job at a studio somewhere. I'm so tired of looking at it that I've lost all perspective. Do you have your own demo reel, for when you're trying to land a freelance job? do you have any advice? Should I start my own bakery instead?

    • dostovel  

      Wayne’s animation reel:

      Wayne’s acting reel:

      Please do watch the acting reel, I ensure you will laugh at the end, it’s quite memorable 😆

    • dostovel I also listened to this video by Flippednormals recently where they talk about creating a killer portfolio, as well as how to approach creating your demo reel. I found it very educational.

      It’s focused at presenting your modeling skills (they are character modelers but it applies to all types of models).

    • Thanks Miranda, I mean Pepper. I really enjoyed both Wayne's reels, and now I really want to do animation, it looks so cool. Why does that always happen? The only thing about animation is that it's like you have to battle a four headed dragon before you get to the princess, meaning you have to defeat rigging first. But you see all the mutilated body's of everyone who have tried it and can't pass the dragon, it's not a pretty picture. 

      Already got a few good tips from the Flipped Normal guys. Thanks for that. 

    • There is no Gold without Dragons. :)

    • Why would you need to learn rigging first? Sure rigging is a skill that parents well with animation. (see what I did there ;) ) But in no way is it a prerequisite. If you want to learn to animate, grab that ball rig and start learning. :D

    • phoenix4690 Well it has always felt to me as if going surfing and not knowing how to swim. You can surf but it would be pretty great if you could defend yourself if something goes wrong. Maybe is not a fair comparison, I don't know. It's like being passionate about cars, but you don't know what a transmission is or how to change a tire. Somehow I feel like I'm not legit. I bet it's like a physiological thing though and it's not that bad.

      You know what also happens sometimes, you see a cool concept art of say a character on the internet and you go like aahh that would make a cool render. So you model, texture, light, etc it, you do the entire 3d pipeline and you show your final render to people and they go like wow dude, that looks sick, did you do that? and you go like yeah I made it.... then people see the concept art from where you took off and people say, ah so you didn't actually do it? and you go like yeah I made it, that's the concept art, and they go like, yeah so the dude that drew that picture was the one who came up with it, and you're like yes they did the concept art but I made the whole other part of the job and they're like, so who's is it then? And you're locked into this weird paradox of what actually count as who made it. Is it the concept artist who thought it up? or is it the 3D artist who brought it up into a tangible form? For me is a synergy of both, but I find people always go to the main source as to where to plant the flag of ownership. It always makes you feel cheap, like you didn't really do it yourself. 

    • crew

      These are all great things to talk about in the stream.

      (I love you guys)

    • You hear that fellows, we be like cool and dope. 

    • Omar, i think you worry too much of what people think. if you have friends who says things like that, get them out of your life  you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

    • I second what Kaj says.

    • What? you mean you don't get that kind of comments? I thought that was how everyone non art related reacted. But now now, settle down everyone, people say that but, it's not coming from a bad place. I work in an office, people with desk jobs just are non the wiser. Although it could be fun next time someone asked me, hey that looks cool, who made that? and I'd be like, screw you buddy! that's who.  

    • i think you were missing the point, or i'm not explaining it clearly. in any case, you don't have to be douche about it. unless ofcourse your office people are douches themselves, then i would not interact with them at all. 

      an a second thought, if they are takin a beef with who's made what, to me that sounds like they are jealous and are trying to make you quit, in which case more power to you and keep going and ignore them even more. :)

    • No no, don't worry, they are not bad people, we're just from different worlds. No douches, no jealousy. It's just some people don't get it, how these kinda things are made. 

      Anyways, changing tunes a bit, has anyone seen this kind of animation? this looks so freaking great. How is it that it looks so buttery smooth? I can't believe someone keyframed all that to look so fluid. If I ever did anything close to this, I'd walk in the street with a monitor telling  everyone, yep I did that. 

    • wwowza! need more of that. :)

    • I really enjoy seeing good game animation and I love this super awesome fighting sequence, thanks for making me smile today dostovel 😊

    • As a first animation I tried my hand at the 2D stick figure animation exercise.

      A story in progress, with very crude drawings and a lot of in betweening missing, but here it is:

    • Hi,

      Here is a character I designed and animated. Would love feedback on the animation

      Your animations basics tutorial helped me a lot on the f-curves. The second link I posted has a flip and I'm curious how you would handle the flip. I tried something similar to your box flipping across the ground, but it still doesn't feel right to me.

      Here is a run cycle for him:

      Here is him in a more complex animated scene:

    • Hi Wayne, here is a short animation I made in response to the Amazon fires. My first big project besides tutorials (including your treasure chest :) after starting to learn Blender a few months ago. 

      I am curious if there is a method to keep the trees arm bone attached to the bendy bone. The squash and stretch pulls the mesh away from the arm bone.

    • crew

      Hi ddampsz 

      You missed the cutoff for the stream, but just a quick note on what I saw.

      Have a look at the timing of when the spine is pushing up on each step. It feels like it is stretching/pushing upwards before the weight has landed on each foot.

      The right things are happening, it is just happening out of sync.  When the foot makes contact, the weight will fall, then he will push up and start to come back down before the next contact.

      Hope that makes sense - it's hard to explain in text haha

      Great work by the way.  Looks cool.

  • I would love it if you could take a look at my exercise submission for Stomp's Kick.
    It will be the middle of the night for me, but I'll definitely try to be awake for the live stream.

  • This is my favorite animation. I think it is good as it is but I am open for critique.

    I did not read the thread sorry.

  • Do you have any tips for animating someone standing still?

  • waylow
    So, I haven't been doing animation for a little while but I am going to be getting back into it over the next year. My last project I created was for a hobby animated sticker pack I released on Apple's iMessage App Store. I used blender to create all of my stuff and through the help of some of your earlier videos I created the animations for all of the stickers.

    I made this teaser trailer and Apple only allows 30 sec on their app store for video content from a developer. I would like a little critique but I realize that things are moving fast. Mainly do the animations seem to flow okay? I have each animation I can submit separately but let's start here and we'll see if you want more.

    Smashables - The Grateful Undead Animated Sticker Pack:

    • crew

      Hi Shawn,

      You missed the cut off I'm afraid :(

      But here's a couple quick thoughts for you.  

      I do think it's happening way too quick and I don't actually know what it's for.

      It wasn't until I clicked on the link to the apple store that I saw they were for text chat.

      It would be nice if the video actually showed that.  (the stickers in action on the iphone or whatever)

      That way you could actually show more stickers in action on the actual iphone screen but then show less animations in the big version to give them more screen time.  

      Hope that helps.  Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks waylow . My bad I joined the stream late and didn’t know there was a cutoff. Thanks for the feedback though. Yeah I posted that sticker pack already and I agree it is quite fast, problem was I only got 30 seconds and I found it actually hard to showcase the stickers but I agree something within the iMessage would have been able to show more.

      Awesome job on the live stream. Thanks again.