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Knife Project in 2.8 not working as expected.

Hi. I'm using Blender 2.8 for this modeling exercise. After carefully following Kent's great instruction I've had no success to effectively project the Boolean Box onto the Starburst. I select the Boolean Box first, then the Starburst in Obj mode, tab into Edit mode then deselect all,  all the edges of the Boolean Box are selected, then I select the Knife Project tool. My best result is the attached jpg image which only has a hand full of the verts projected.  I've tried several hours to work out this one problem. So, what am I doing wrong to get this anemic result?

Thanks for your support!


  • crew

    theluthier Would be more familiar with the tutorial than I am, but one thing that could be tripping up this workflow is that 2.8 will bring both objects into edit mode! So it no longer knows what to project to or from. Instead, try using a Boolean modifier on the starburst object. 

    • To update you, I was successful using a Boolean modifier for the starburst as you suggested...(Never used that one before)... I selected the Starburst object and added a boolean modifier, the operation was intersect and the target was my Boolean helper, then applied the modifier. The process was successful but not clean, having to remove too many aberrant vertices and edges. I've attached the final result below.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I'm hopeful Kent Trammell can determine why I wasn't able to complete the starburst with Blender 2.8 .

  • crew

    I've tried several hours to work out this one problem.

    Yikes! Can you share your .blend file so I can troubleshoot it myself? The best way to do this is upload to dropbox, google drive, or similar file hosting service then copy and paste a download link.