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Sketchbook, Beau

Thank you to Frikkr for suggesting this to me. I'd also like to start with a sketchbook or i suppose just a place to post work and ask questions that may confuse me. Thank you for stopping by.

  • Well here's my current Wip for the last assignment in the first flow lesson.  I've definitely hit a road block on barely the first step and just can't seem to lay out values for the life of me. I've tried my best to learn from the video but I just don't know what I'm not doing right.

  • How are you going about it if I may inquire? And are you using a tablet?

    Let me expand on my first question. To me it seems that you are building the values too swiftly. Have you tried using the lighter range or low opacity? You can then slowly build it up.

    • I guess I'm just trying my best to mimic what i'm seeing, trying to lay out a general value and start easing  from there. Then try to darken area's  the best i can and go back to erasing.  I feel like i can't seem to nail down a consistent form for this though, it's like i'm looking at something that I can't see even when it's just a simple sphere.  It might be because i'm very new to this, but I'm just not sure even with notes if I can correctly lay out and build up each area.

      And yes, I am using a tablet. Thank you for taking the time to answer, I greatly appreciate it.  Also I'l be able to try again tonight so i'll definitely go about things very slowly ^^

    • Hmm, if you haven't already, try playing with the brush size. I've noticed that can change the effect of the stroke, at least with the software I am using. I'm using Clip Studio Paint Pro. May I ask what you are using?

      You said you are very new to this? Try not to get too frustrated though believe me when I say you will. I should know as I am rather new myself. Keep me updated will you? I'm rather new myself, but if I can provide some help I'll be glad to.

    • Oh i'm also on clip studio paint ^^ Gosh this is actually really great since we're both learning through the same software.

    • Oh you are? Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Clip user.

    • you're one of the first i've met too ^^

    • I know it's not much better, but i can't seem to nail the assignment even when trying to follow the video at .5 speed. Perhaps i should work on some sort of fundamental before trying this?

    • Which course is this? I'm mainly using Cookie for 3D. While I have downloaded the 2D courses, I've avoided them for the most part because it feels to me that the content is general and better suited to people who have some prior knowledge in the subject. It just feels less fleshed out than the other categories Cookie offers.

      So when it comes to 2D I use other sources. I'll try and find this assignment your struggling with and give it a go.

    • It's the first lesson on the 2-d learning flow, basics of digital painting. I thought it'd be a good place to start but I think you're right about the lessons needing some prior knowledge to them before diving in. With that I'll probably just have to head out and build up another way especially with some other things that came up today that will be taking my attention and limiting my time more.