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Downloading Video Files as .bins

Some of you may experience a bug currently when downloading a video file resulting in a .bin file type instead of a .mp4. We are aware of this issue and Wistia (our video host) is working the issue as it's a bug on their end. They have informed us of a work around currently to resolve the issue:

In the meantime as a workaround if you manually add .MP4 to the file extension the video download will play as expected. 

So if you download a video file with a .bin, change the ending of that video file to .mp4 and it should work.  

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  • Hello, Jonathan Gonzalez!  

    I have an issue w/ downloading video files for lessons and other content on CGCookie.  In the past, as of Feb or Mar of this year, I could download videos for lessons I watched.  Now, in both browsers on my Mac computer,  there is no longer a "Download Button" where it was before.  I am using Chrome Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) (as my main browser) and Safari Version 13 (as a Backup).   I have included a Screen Shot to help illustrate my dilemma/situation.   Please Advise.  Thanks.

    Screen Shot - NO Share or Download Button

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    If you have a Hobby plan you will not have access to the download button. If you do have a Citizen plan of any kind (monthly/quarterly/yearly) and you still don't see it then it's an issue. If you do have that issue let us know and we can take a look at your account and/or the courses having issues to see what is causing the problem.