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Too late, class ended

Such a shame, I'm a month too late. Didn't realise it's different from a course and it was a time restricted class. Is there still any point of following it?

  • You can still watch the videos.  I was never free when they were streaming live, so I watched them later.  I learned a lot watching them, just listening to the thinking process he went through was interesting.  I think it would be worth watching the videos and then doing the project and posting it in the forum.  I think there is a good possibility that someone would comment on it.

    • thanks for your feedback Tanya. I might do the class later then and first finish the course I'm on (bootcamp in blender) and do the course of Kent about the treasure chest(btw there's also another course about a treasure chest. Shame I didn't realize that this was time bound, it would have been fun to do something together with other people.

    • The treasure chest course goes along with this one.  You were supposed to watch sections on the treasure chest before the class, so you could do them together.  He makes a sword in the class.  It was nice to them at same time, sort of reinforced the stuff.  The other treasure chest class shows you how to animate it.  Have fun.