Eduardo Abreu (eduo)

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Downsides to Boolean Modifier?

Hello guys, i was wondering, is there any downsides to using the boolean modifier (or addons like fastcarve) when you need to carve holes in your mesh?

Thanks in advance!

  • you'll need to do housekeeping, if you need clean topology. most cases you get vertices where you don't want to and if you need to maintain all quad you'll have to go back in and manually fix errors. 

    however, if you just use them for sculpting purposes and retopo afterwards then no problem.

    some issues with boolean are though, and those are that sometimes the opreation fails with many ways:

    nothing happens

    one/both meshes disappear, leaving empty

    normals gets messed up

    usually just adjusting the placement little or adding geometry will help to solve these. CTRL-Z is your friend when booleans. :)