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Small spot light meshes?

I've been following along using all the downloaded items, but I don't seem to find the meshes for the 3 spots facing the door. Neither in Props nor in Prefabs. (?) I guess I can make some quick in Blender.

  • crew

    I'll take a look at the project files. Sometimes meshes may appear transparent. I can reupload if necessary but they were essentially just cubes with an inset face where the lights would appear. 

  • Thanks jgonzalez   I was able to make a model in Blender, good enough. Didn't know if anyone else might have the question. I was searching in assets for something like "lamp". Maybe they have a different name.

    [off-topic] I was also frequently seeing the error "Selected texture format ARGB...". Turned off "Compress lightmaps" under "Lighting : Scene" to stop it (googled).

    Really liking the course.