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Team Work Course?

Hi all, i'm sorta new to this site and recently decided to take CG a lot more seriously. Something from the interviews I've watched online with people like Andrew Kramer or Ton Roosendaal is that they discuss teamwork briefly and it's importance.

Something I feel that can be expanded into a course on this site, perhaps like group exercises where one person does compositing and another does texturing and it teaches us to work together and manage a project. 

I personally feel like as an artist I have a huge ego that's only really settled when i'm put into a team and see how shit i really am. And i'm very shit. Would this be possible for a course like this to be developed or is currently in development on CG cookie?

TL;DR: I think it's really helpful to have a team based exercise and course developed on this site please and thank you :)    

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    While we could encourage team based projects, ultimately it's up to the community to determine if they will work together. We've had a few bigger flows on the site that involved multiple instructors teaching a specific part like the Game Asset Creation flow.  We've also worked on a Tower Defense flow that involved 3d modeling, level design and game development. Outside of that we could talk about how we work as a team to work on projects, but I'm not sure what course would help with that. 

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    Interesting idea. 

    Imagine these as open group projects that are put together by the CGC Crew. The goal is to play a role in the project to have it go all the way to final/publication. e.g. Imagine there being tasks/exercises that build on each other. 

    In X project there are 4 exercises to model wheels, one to model body of the car, then there are tasks for texturing, animating and finally animating the car. All tasks within a project challenge must be complete for everyone involved to get the XP/Badge, etc.. 

    Final project gets submitted to the community/crew for peer approval the project was completed. Though say you come in and decide to take on the animation task, but something is wrong with the body/wheels. You can leave feedback to those members and ask for revision or the project challenge is stopped. Encouraging experienced gained working remotely and together in a common goal.

  • Great and promising response Wes.
    Since after all.. as everyone individually progresses towards becoming an individual Blender-guru, nothing (else) can expand one's current capacities even more then becoming a part of a team which stimulates each-other and each and every single individual above and beyond the edges of there current flight-envelope

    After all that is how Blender itself (and many other open-source projects like Linux, LibreOffice, Gimp )
    has become such a succes, by global teamwork of the talents.

    Since CGCookie already has become is a place (in the Blender Universe), where people flock together,
    why not take it to the next (team-working) level and start off a whole new series of tutorials, courses at it?