Ido Reshef (ireshef)

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It's getting chilly around here.. (My snowman model in blender 2.8 )

I used some previous knowledge that I had. 

Feel free to feedback / critique.

Thanks and all the best,


  • Great work :) 

    If I was to change anything , I would sculpt his head - firstly to add some imperfection to the overall shape as it is too perfect to be believable , and secondly , to make it look as if the carrot, eyes and especially the chilli mouth look like they have been "pushed" into the snowman as you would if you were making it in real life. At the moment, the chilli looks to be magically floating on his face. 

    In CG , beleivability and story play a huge part in the appeal of a piece. Try to stray away from that CG perfection and mess things up a bit because nothing is perfect in the real world. 

    It would be great to see it textured in a sunny winter scene  :) 

    Keep up the good work! 

    • frikkr you give sound advise, though it might be a bit advanced for this member.. Don’t know if you know this, but the question section of the courses is now popping up in the forum. This is actually a lesson in the very first beginner course, where you make your first model from just primitives, so considering that this model actually exceeds the requirements for the exercise :) 

    • Ahh oops , I haven't been aware of all these changes to the forum. I just read the words "previous knowledge" and "feel free to give feedback/critique" and thought about how I would approach this without realizing that this was a question from the primitive shapes exercise. Also , the carrot  , scarf , chilli and buttons are very much not primitives so it didn't click for me lol

      My apologies and thanks for pointing it out Miranda - that explains why the forum has suddenly started filling up with questions... I thought it was just because the Blender BC homework threads which had previously flooded the first couple of pages were getting pushed back as time went on. 

      Hopefully iireshef , you can benefit from my advice of avoiding CG perfection to get believable results , and ignore the more technical stuff for now until you have learnt it :)  

    • If I was to rewrite my advice , in light of what Miranda pointed out , I would suggest to rotate and move the carrot and eyes so that the carrot is a bit "wonky" rather than sticking straight out perfectly , and offset the eyes so that they arent at the same level with a bot of rotation to each individually so that they don't sit exactly the same on his head :) 

    • Thank you Matthew, 

      I accept your critique fully and thank you for finding the time to give feedback. Your suggestions are well within my grasp. I will do the necessary changes and update.

      All the best,


  • iireshef great job on on your snow man! Love that you added a carrot for the nose and mouth :) As for something to improve I think it would look nice if the scarf wrapped all the way around it’s neck. I like the button eyes. Looking forward to what you can do once you’ve done a couple more courses, keep it up!

  • Thank you very much Miranda for your feedback and encouragement.

    I certainly might redo the scarf to be totally around his head / neck.

    All the best,


  • Hi,

    I added some improvements according to some of the reccomendations.. I hope you like it :)

    Feel free to critique... Though far from perfect I do feel it's an improvement.

    Thanks and all the best,