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My thoughts about Chapter 4. (and a heart to heart)

This is by far the most complicated and difficult thing I have ever modeled. And that's trying to follow our teacher's instructions to the letter. I think it took me 10+ hours to complete this one. Not to mention that I don't have a clue about anatomy. More lost than a blind guy in the middle of a gunfight. ^_^;

I get the point when he says that we can model almost anything if we can make this.

Jonathan is very clear in his instructions. And, when that fails (it would be a little inhuman if he could guide us through every click), our experience plays an important role. After all, this is an intermediate level course.

For a long time, I wanted to make characters. I had no idea it would be this hard. Be careful of what you wish for. lol

Even though I don't understand half of how the hell we made this bust model, I am proud of it.

And, I am hungry for more.

  • liandur001 I felt the same way! Your's looks great though, definitely looks lovable to me (except she looks like she is serious about being bald, haha). I took the challenge to try and make some stylized hair and it turned out okay in my opinion.

    We got this, but yeah I took a whole week or more working on this character bust. Man, some of this stuff just takes a lot of time for me right now.

    • You are more adventurous than me. 8-)
      I like to pick up a subject and study it thoroughly before doing my stuff. Perhaps I can give her some hair when I finish the husky. ^_^

      You are doing great yourself. Shading and everything. hehe

      I think it can get a little easier, and less time consuming when we just do some retopology on a sculpt. But, I never did that either. So, who knows? lol

  • crew

    Even though I don't understand half of how the hell we made this bust model, I am proud of it.

    And good lord, what a result! Yours turned out exceptionally well, and you have every right to be proud. It took me many, many tries before I could model a head by myself a few years ago. Even when recording this course I had to do it three or so times before making the videos.

    For a long time, I wanted to make characters. I had no idea it would be this hard. Be careful of what you wish for. lol

    Except for low poly stuff, almost nobody actually makes characters this way. It's a bit easier to sculpt and then retopologize, but modeling it from scratch makes for much better learning when you're starting out! Either way takes some series time though, that's for sure. Speed comes with practice. 

    Good luck on the final exercise! It's funny - you may even look back after finishing it and think the same, "how the hell did I make this", even though it's all you! 

  • Excellent result Jefferson!

    Poly modelling a head is quite a challenge!

    The eyes look off, but the head shape is fantastic!

    Curious what you come up with when sculpting...

    And like JL said: be proud; it's  a great result!

    Keep it up!

  • You're off to a good start and it's great to be hungry for more. Keep going and certainly look into sculpting. You'll get better for sure.

  • I was planing on only watching the tutorial and try to understand the topology and move on, but man, your great result inspired me to do it even though I'm a little afraid to do it and that's maybe the reason I decided not to do it in the first place.

    That was a great inspiring work, thanks for sharing and inspiring us, and if I do mine I will make sure to share it right in here.

    • Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!

      modeling something above your skill level pushes you to grow in ways you won’t otherwise. I could probably model this character 10 times and still learn something important each time. Go get ‘em tiger!

    • Thanks Shawn!, 

      sometimes we just think it's so much or it's still too early to go to the advanced stuff, and guess what, you'll always be thinking the same and you'll never do it ;)

      I hope I can finish it and share it as I think this will give me the confidence to model anything I want in the future.

    • Here we go, I finally finished after starting over 3 times and still it is not that good and I struggled a lot with the ears and the nose but I at least feel that if I can model this then I can model anything and also usually if we want to do a character we would be sculpting it. This was a great practice for me and want to thank you Jonathan for the great course that I don't believe that I learned that much in any online course before. 

      I just want to ask for tips or advice on how to setup the view port for modeling as I'm always getting frustrated by always choosing the wrong vertices and when in X-Ray or wire frame modes I always choose the back vertices and connect them with the front vertices and so on.

      finally here is my model and I'm sure with practice I can make it a lot better.