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Dumb Question - Whats jobs are avilable for unity?

So i'm learning about Unity on here, and I would like to make a career with Unity, what job prospects are available to me with learning unity.

  • crew

    With Unity you can actually find a fairly wide range of jobs, depending on what you'd like to get into. The obvious one is game development, but Unity is a fairly open ended as an engine and can be used to create apps and more "professional" types of software. I would recommend signing up with a free Unity account on Unity Connect: https://connect.unity.com/ you'll find a jobs section for jobs all over the world. If you had a specific role in mind let me know and I can give you more info.

    XR (VR and AR) is an area that is becoming quite popular and I expect it to be quite huge within the year. We're rolling out more XR based content this year, the next course I'll be working on is for Augmented Reality (AR) and will also include some more Virtual Reality (VR) content after that as well. 

  • Well, my long-term goal is to be a game director. As I understand it, being in QA helps quite abit.

    EDIT: I guess the more I think about it, I would like to get more into the programming aspect of game design.

  • crew

    I would say building a lot of small games will help you get there. In general those who are at the higher levels in the development process have typically been through a lot of the development positions themselves and have intimate knowledge of the entire pipeline. You could also create your own game company. 

  • 1. There are no dumb questions, (only dumb, unrelated answers and human perception) 
    since your ability to ask (the right type of) questions is aimed to enlarge and enhanced your knowledge.
    I fail to understand how such an act can be called dumb?

    2. Why search for (non?) available Unity-jobs, when you can (also) start to create your own job?
    Once you will change this manifestation think-pattern, you become the job you want to have in this world

    3. Start thinking BIG above and beyond Unity alone:
    Since - for a talented person - there are more ways to get a job (source of income and pleasure) outside your current Unity-job-scope.

    Stop waiting on things to happen for you, start creating the thing you desire, need-to-achieve in Life, now!.