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Modeling a keyboard : how interesting is it ?

Hi guys,

I'm currently working on a personal project : modelling a full fps game level.
For one of the room in the level, i would like to add many computers : it would be a kind of IT room.

But i am struggling about how to model easily a keyboard.
It seems to me quite complex to model (in a realistic way) and on the other hand, it won't bring a real plus value to the environment i am modelling. But the fact is that if i want to put a computer, i have to put the keyboard that goes with it :(

In this situation, would you really spend the energy to try model a keyboard ? Or would you try to find a free model on internet ? I don't want to buy a model of keyboard for a personal project.

Or just in case, am i wrong thinking it is complicated to model a keyboard ?

Thanks ! :)