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BC1-1908 Homework - Greg Mckim

Hello guys, just starting my thread . Thought I'd post some progress shots although I'm having some difficulty with Blender 2.80 on my machine. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, so if anyone knows what my problems are maybe they can help me. 

First of all I have problems selecting objects. I have no problems selecting in edit mode, but only in object mode. I know how to switch between box select, circle select and regular select but for some reason I cannot easily select objects. I usually have to go to the outliner to select the objects I want. 

The second problem I have is when I switch to wireframe viewport mode all I get are the outlines of the objects, I don't get the inside faces (lines) so it makes it difficult to work with. I can sort of get around that by selecting multiple objects then go into edit mode and just edit the object I want but I think there's probably some setting I don't know about. This is from Kent's treasure chest video, I would like my wireframe to look like this:

Anyway, this is my blockout for the treasure chest:

Thanks for reading, looking forward to another good class with Kent and CGCookie members.

  • Hi Greg.

    I don't know about your selection problem. There is a setting in your Preferences under Viewport > Selection there is a checkbox for OpenGL Depth Picking. Maybe it helps when you change that???

    As for the Wireframe:

    In the 3D Viewport, top right, there is an Icon consisting of two intersecting circles. It's called Show Overlays, when you hover over it.

    Click the down arrow to get to the dropdown menu. Under Geometry, there is a Wireframe slider. Set that all the way to 1.

    Good luck with your treasure chest!

    • spikeyxxx Thanks so much for your help, I think the OpenGL Depth Picking was the problem for sure my cursor is selecting what I click on now, woohoo! 

      But I think I'm going to have to work at that wireframe issue a little more, for some reason it's still not showing all the linework for objects I am not currently editing in wireframe mode. 

      But I appreciate your help very much :)

    • ddoulos4iesou Maybe you'll also have to enable X-ray mode...

      Like so


      and with:

      Otherwise you'll only see the wireframe of the front of your mesh;)

    • spikeyxxx Yes I think if I enable X-ray like you said and then go to wireframe I get the viewport options I seek. 

      Thanks again!

  • Homework - Week 1 

    Well here is as far as I got, the detailing on the metal and the wood was a lot more than I anticipated so I still need to do the slats on the top of the chest, and I need to include the rivets. 

  • crew

    Spikey coming through with solutions - thank you spikeyxxx

    It's good to see you in another class ddoulos4iesou. Overall you're making excellent progress with the treasure chest! I really only have one (small) note: The damage nicks (especially in the metal pieces) are pretty similar in size and shape. It doesn't look bad by any means, and it kinda gives it a certain style, but if it were me I'd try to vary them up a bit more.

    Other than that, the only thing to dock a little in the grade is not quite being finished. So it's a B from me. I can tell with a little more time it's going to be 👌

  • Completed model. 

    Hey guys just wanted to post a quick update, I finally completed the modeling. Jumping from 2.79 to 2.80 was harder than I thought but I'm going to make it, grrr. 

    I think I'm done mostly with the modeling no doubt I'll tweek it some, nothing's ever done is it? 

    If I have time I'll change the rim like Kent suggested, I think the dings and dents are way too much, needs modified but I'm afraid if I don't get started on the UVs I might not get them done this week. 

    Cheers, good luck to all.

  • Homework - Week 2

    Hey guys, this was really hard for me I don't have an artistic background, I have an engineering background. So painting, texturing was hard for me. I'm not happy with my results but I'm glad I forced myself to do this homework. It's a great learning exercise and this series on the treasure chest has become one of my favorites. 

    Thought I'd post up the textures I painted and then the results

    I also had to use Cycles to render out the final image because EVEE was crashing on me.

    Haha I know it doesn't really look like a pirate chest more like a viking chest. Maybe I need to make a helmet with horns :)

    • ddoulos4iesou Cool!

      It definitely reads like wood and metal!

      The wood, especially on the front looks so old and molded, I would not want to touch it;)

    • crew

      ddoulos4iesou Good work on the texture this week, Greg. The details read well and overall works great with the model. For not having an artistic background, you're doing very well!

      I have one criticism to offer: The colors are nearly monochromatic. Typically within the stylized aesthetic that themes the class, colors are more appealing when more saturated than less. Here's your chest at 200% saturation:

      This feels more natural to me, matching my expectations for wood and gold hardware. Though even at 200% saturation, the fron wood pieces are still almost devoid of color.

      If this is your intention, you can ignore my criticism. I can imagine reasoning for going monochromatic. It would definitely make the chest feel super old and water-logged.

      It's an A from me this week 👍

    • theluthier Thanks great comment I'll tear it apart and see what I can apply, funny how you made it look better in a couple seconds. :)

    • ddoulos4iesou The wood looks really old. I see how you’d get that Viking vibe. Nice work!

  • Hey guys I just had 1 more question related to 2.80, I can't see my noodles in the node editor. Anyone have an idea why? I pasted 2 screenshots with different background colors so you could see both and no noodles :(

    It makes it really hard to use the nodes. I appreciate any help someone might be able to give me.

  • Homework - Week 3

    Sorry I haven't been able to keep up with the thread. Just a shout out to Spikey, thanks for all your help turns out I just just needed to update my graphics card driver to see the noodles and once I did I could do the compositing. 

    • crew

      ddoulos4iesou Sorry to hear about the technical trouble you experienced. I'm glad you were able to continue past it and finish the project!

      You have all the elements present and looking good. The bump on the wood looks really nice. However still the overwhelming impression I get is that a significant portion of the render is desaturated. Clearly you have orangish-yellow lighting, as seen on the screen-right side of the floor. But the textures still feel like they're nearly black and white. It makes for an odd viewing sensation of, "It's black and white...or is it...hmmm."

      That could be artistic preference though. It does give a fairly ominous / gritty feel to the whole thing. I'll assume it's artistic preference and give you the A 👍

    • theluthier Thanks Kent, I did consider adding the saturation node, but I ended up adding in to the floorboards and sort of like the contrast between the floor boards and the chest. Thanks for giving me some slack :)

      Good course and good video series, probably one of the best I've done here at cgcookie. 

  • This could use a lot more work but I thought I'd throw it in here for fun.

  • Good job.