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BC1-1908 Homework - Clint Johnson

For this assignment I would like to create a sign with an enchanted forest/fairy tale vibe.

I started learning Blender recently for it's sculpting tools, so creating something low-poly should be pretty good for me ;)

The sign so far has been fairly easy especially with the nice treasure chest tutorial to help out.

The grass blades I created with a bezier curve where the taper and bevel is controlled by other paths linked  to it in the Object Data tab -> Geometry menu.

The tree is harder.  Right now it is a Skin modifier object with a minimal subsurf.  I'd like to see if I can create it without the Skin and Subsurf.  

Every time I start this project I want to just go in and sculpt everything, lol.   So we'll see how it goes :)

  • Wow. Amazing!

  • Really nice job! Also you are the first one to choose the sign, as far as I know :P

  • Nice work!  I don't think theluthier has anything against sculpting as long as you retopo it to fit the stylization.  I could be wrong, but that's the impression I'm under.

  • Great concept. My eyes keep wandering of to the right though, wondering where the sign is pointing to....

    Beautiful wood detailing!

  • spikeyxxx eyes to the right, yup, that's the plan, hopefully the curve to the small tree helps that.  Probably not best for composition, but I want the sign pointing somewhere!

    silentheart00 Thanks for the info. ! I also remembered I can use sculpt mode without dynotopo on, lol.  That helps too

    jack07 Thanks! There is at least one other person doing a sign: dieterweireldt and it looks great!

    Worked out some more details on the tree and base area

    -I tried some different methods to create trees: 1. start with a cylinder and model it out 2. create a path that has object data modified by a bezier circle 3. messed around with the addon "Sapling" 4. Just tweak the method I'm using which is skin out some vertices and decimate the mesh later on.

              - For me, I still prefer skinning out the tree, decimate and push vertices around in edit mode or sculpt mode.  All methods seem to come out with similar poly counts.  I'm sure there are better ways to tackle the tree though.

    - Using Planar Decimate on roughly shaped rocks is very fun :)

    • clintjohnson Awesome!

      And I totally agree with you, composition wise probably a 'no go', but the 'arrow-ness' of the sign just works.

      Love the rocks!

    • clintjohnson I love your creative spin on the sign! Awesome :)

      Using Planar Decimate on roughly shaped rocks is very fun :)

      This sounds like an awesome technique! is ‘planar’ just a setting in the decimate modifier? And how ‘rough’ should the rocks be formed, which primitive did you use? The rocks look great so I would love to know :)

    • ssmurfmier1985 Yes, Planar is a setting under the Decimate modifier.  Instead of choosing Collapse (default) in the Decimate options, I clicked Planar, checked "All Boundaries" and increased the angle limit to 15-20% (this one depends on sculpted shape of the rock).  

      To create a rock for Decimate: Add a sphere -> sculpt mode. Dyntopo (doesn't have be high resolution) and select the Scrape brush with a completely flat falloff.  Use the scrape brush to create flat sides on the sphere. Once the general rock shape is done, do the Decimate as explained above.

      Here's the tutorial I found that explains the method: Low Poly Rocks

    • clintjohnson awesome, thanks!

  • Cool a sign! Looks good. 

  • crew

    The first sign I've seen! Very nice work so far, Clint. And yes, like silentheart00 said, I'm fine with you sculpting + retopology. Whatever your workflow, I like what I see.

  • crew

    Is this ready for grading clintjohnson? The only thing missing here is an "officially" declared homework submission post like this one. When I grade I look specifically for the bold title at the top of the reply "Homework Submission Week 1".

    Alternatively you can update your thread's description with this label above your final week 1 image, like this thread.

    Either way I assume a student is still working until officially declaring the submission in one of these ways. So I'll check back later today to see if this is 100% final :)


    "Mouse Hollow Woods" sign.  I plan on making some nifty text and image of a mouse on the sign.  The name actually came from a random name generator - looked like a fun one to use.

    Sorry theluthier , wasn't completely sure yet how to submit, or more likely I wasn't paying attention!  Thank you for the examples!

    • clintjohnson Yep, still looks good lol.  Looking forward to the final product!

    • clintjohnson Wow! This is by far my favorite sign. I love the stylized look. My only critique is the sign should be pointing left haha (I'm a south paw). Did you pull that straight from thin air or from reference?

    • clintjohnson nice one. like the rocks. gonna check that tutorial out. only thing i would say is not consistent with the detail is the tree itself. on rounded object the wood crevices are bit harder, but certainly doable. cant wait to see this textured. :)

    • blanchsb Thanks blanch!  Yea, it's funny how our dominant hand can affect art, lol :)  As for reference, I found several miniature signs that I used for inspiration, like these:

      louhikarme Hi Kaj \o  Ahh yes, the tree.... I've messed around with cracks, knotholes, etc.  and mainly got frustrated, lol.  I'll be tackling it again this week though, along with the ground.  Thanks for your help!

    • crew

      Sorry theluthier , wasn't completely sure yet how to submit, or more likely I wasn't paying attention!  Thank you for the examples!

      clintjohnson Not to worry - I copied and pasted those instructions in several homework threads 👌

      You may have already seen that I included your work among my "Notable Submissions" from week 1. I really like the unique interpretation of the sign project. The details on the wood plank sign, the faceted appeal of the rocks, the way the sign is nestled into the tree limbs...I think it's great.

      It's an A in my book. This will look awesome textured!

  • clintjohnson This idea prognostizes a very nice atmosphere in later phase, loving the involvement of artistic visions.

    Especially thanks for explaining the usage of Planar settings in Decimate modifier

  • Here's some paint work ->

    I still don't know how to really render stuff, so the pics are with a matcap on.

    I've played around with putting the sign text on via a decal, but with terrible results :(  May have to just grind it out and paint it on.

    I'm definitely struggling with the UV - paint process.  This is my first time messing with texturing besides Kent's awesome treasure chest tutorial (which I've went over many times this week...).  I'm learning blender mainly for sculpting/modeling and then exporting out to 3D print, but I figured it would be good to learn more than sculpting.  Right now, after many hours of frustration, I'm not sure I want to do this stuff again, lol.  Maybe later on it'll all sink in :)


    louhikarme hehe, yea, you're probably right - Thanks again for all your help \m/

    Side note: As I was working through week 2 of this project, I wanted to get an idea of how useful it would be to test colors and paint schemes on sculptures before painting by hand the 3D printed version of the model.  The models I make for print have a higher poly count - 60k - 140k and the amount of time it takes to mess with the UV maps and paint the texture would seem to me, to not be the best solution right now, but I bet there's a solution out there ;)

    • clintjohnson This is really quaint and really well done , I love it :) 

      Are you planning to render this out when you get to grips with rendering? If so then I look forward to seeing it, keep up the good work! 

    • clintjohnson This turned out fantastic! The extra ground cover details are especially nice!

    • crew

      clintjohnson Your texture turned out beautifully!

      Right now, after many hours of frustration, I'm not sure I want to do this stuff again, lol

      I hope that's a joke. Seriously, this is one of the best examples of texture work this week. You clearly have an understanding of painting. The wood tree looks awesome with all the tonal variety, same for the sign plank, the rocks have a very interesting style to them, as does the ground and grass - It's all really good, Clint.

      Blender's texture painting workflow can definitely be frustrating. Just don't let that prevent you from continuing to texture paint. It gets easier over time and Blender will improve in this area, I'm sure of it.

      This is an A+ easily 👏

    • theluthier Thanks for the kind words Kent,it means a lot!  Yes, I was pretty frustrated.  After I posted the homework I had to have a Mt. Dew and candy bar to chill out, lol.  My first couple of weeks with using Blender for the first time were pretty frustrating too, but now many of the features and hotkeys are becoming second nature; so hopefully texturing and rendering will be like that too.

      I do have more of background in painting and drawing - thanks for the feedback :)  Once I got a feel for the brush and process, I started to get into the painting and dig it.

      Thanks for your help :)

    • clintjohnson Keep up the great work. The painted textures look fantastic especially on the leaves, they really pop.

  • Render work so far - lots of moving sliders around and figuring out how all the render stuff works; and keep my nodes from looking like spaghetti! 

    I'm still shooting for more of a hand painted physical model (3d printed model)  look which reflects how I did the modeling such as the leaves being extra thick.

    The tree and sign material nodes are somewhat close to what's used in the treasure chest tutorial.  Generally, going less on the sliders (such as bump) was better due to the extra hand painted texture work I did.  I played around with subsurface scatter on the leaves and grass, but they may be too thick for it to be noticeable.  I kept a slight bump map on the sign lettering -  to resemble thick paint.

    Hopefully have some more time later on to play with it \m/


    Did a few tweaks on the texture paint, lighting, and tone.  I wanted a subtle parchment texture in the background, but couldn't get it the way I wanted in Blender and due to time - added the texture in via Clip Studio Paint.

  • spikeyxxx Thanks Spikey, happy art is always fun to do :)

    ssmurfmier1985 Thanks Miranda!

    fide Yes, I like hand painted work - mainly with physical miniatures/sculptures, but this class has helped me look a bit more into the CG painting :)  Thanks Ingrid!

    louhikarme Hi Kaj, thanks :)

    theluthier Thanks for the class and feedback Kent!  Lots of great info and help :)

  • Nice work, Clint.

  • I think this ended up amazing. I really like how it pops. Your background choice was also very cool. I get this idea that this isn't your first rodeo. Totally top notch work.

    • ppaulhaynes1955 tyty Paul!

      blanchsb Thanks Shawn!  Yes I have some background painting, drawing and sculpting traditionally (and painted waaaay to many Warhammer minis).  I've started using Blender mainly to create models for 3D print.  I had avoided learning Texturing and Rendering until this class, and definitely lost a few more hairs on my balding head trying to figure it out, lol.