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BC1-1908 Homework, Mona Loren

Day  01

I decided to join the class because I have problems to get used to Blender 2.8.
The change to 2.5 was already hard and now once again. A barrel can always be useful,
.."Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!.."

Bottle? hmm! I am from the north, we store good stuff in barrels ;)

Music for Blender-Modeling Fifteen Men

Now I am ready to go ;)
The challenge in the challenge.I decided to practice the modifier combination array and curve.
I also use the lattice modifier for the shape.
For the metal rings I used the shrinkwrap modifier.
This caused some trouble because I want some kind of junction with nails.
I also want to do this only one time for all with CTRL-L - linked Data.
That doesn´t work.
I had to apply the shrinkwrap and have to do this for each ring separatly.
So far I only have one of the rings.

I have less time this week but I surely make the fine tunig until Sunday

This is my second Blender 2.8 Model ( I made the palm-tree) and it is okay for me so far.
Just not as fast as I want.

  • Hi mona, maybe use the same Lattice for the barrel and the rings? Might be easier than the Shrinkwrap...

  • Hey, it's a good effort so far.  Good for you for challenging yourself by using modifiers.  There is still plenty to learn, and that's okay.  It's perfectly okay to experiment and make mistakes.  You got this.

  • crew

    I grant you 57 gold coins for that clever modifier solution! Love that. Thank you for sharing your approach.

    Glad to have you back in class, Mona! I suspect by the end of these 3 weeks, if not by the end of this week, 2.8 will feel more natural than 2.79 :)

    PS: Your music recommendation was 👌. Makes me want to listen to a pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.

  • Dang, real clever there! I honestly completely forgot about Lattice about now, so thanks for that.

  • @ )silentheart00

    Thank you for your motivation.
    During my "Blender-Life" I have learnded how normal and important it is to make mistakes.
    And sometimes I have to remember it again ;)

    @ theluthier

    This is not my idea honestly. It is a CG-Cookie Learning Flow.Modeling with Modifiers

    I was always exited about it.However, often had problems to implement it to my models, expecially this tire.
    I have already made a barrel with modifiers in Blender 2.79 during the "30-Day-Modeling" Challenge.
    But this barrel is a perfect chance to train it together with Blender 2.8

    @ thecabbagedetective

    see above - its not really my idea ;)
    but I agree this lattice is very useful

  • Day 2

    To use the Lattice for both doesn´t work well. For the rings the Lattice needs more resolution. But I changed the workflow and made the seems before using the modifier. Thats ended up with a cleaner result.

    Using an Lattice for the rings works in generell. I think I need a little more practice with this modifier. Both are suitable for adjusting the rings. For me the Shrinkwrap works a bit better this time.

    The rings are not completely uniform. But..hey - barrels are handmade. It´s okay for me.

    I´ve deleted the subdivision and unsing Shade Smooth and Mark Sharp. So it fits better to the style. I haven´t made a stylized model so far. This will be interesting.  Those nails made me crazy because they would not snap correctly. I checked the pivot point, cursor, the settings etc. several time. Suddenly it worked and I don´t know why. So I saved the file very fast.

    Then drill out a hole and close it and ready day 02. There are still some clean ups etc. to do.

  • @ fide thank you. unperfection is our friend - like Kent used to say;)

    @ silentheart00 I think I missed a setting somewhere. Blender 2.8 is new for me and I was tired

    PS: How do I do this  @name ? Can´t figure it out sadly.

  • Day 3 result

    Because I don´t wont to "destroy" the barrel I made a wooden stand.
    Working with 2.8 often needs a lot of patience for me. But it´s slightly better than feared.
    I am not at home tomorrow (great family event so I have to do the details on sunday.

    Working with 2.8 often needs a lot of patience for me. But it´s slightly better than feared.
    I am not at home tomorrow (great family event ), so I have to do the details on sunday.

    Destroying the wooden stand for example

  • BC1-1908 Homework submission week 1, Mona Loren

    Time is undervalued. But I finished the homework for week1. It needed a lot of time to find the new settings etc. for Blender 2.8. But it got better day by day. And this is the reason why I am in the class - to force myself to work with 2.8. So I reached my goal for the first week ;)

    My own challenge (to built with modifiers in 2.8) also worked well.

    I also wanted to include the content of the treasure chest course, expecially these "destroyer-part" and so I build a wooden stand for the barrel. Needs some practice these dents and a lot of patience, but is also fun. 

    • crew

      mmonaloren It's great to have you in class again, Mona :) You barrel + holder/rack turned out well. I only wish some of that rack wood detail made it into the barrel planks too. Perhaps that's just my preference though.

      With your primary goal being to force yourself into 2.8, I'm glad to hear you've achieved it. Overall it's a solid model worthy of an A from me 👍

      It will look awesome textured!

    • theluthier Thank you Kent.
      That a kind of telepathy;).
      I was very focused on the modifiers I want to practiced.
      And I need a lot of time to find all the settings in 2.8. and then I had no more time ( an my brain was tired) to think about more details
      I guess for these dings and dents an other solution would be more efficient.
      I am just rebuilding the barrel this week and will use data link options and made the wood rough.
      All these "smart" stuff from the treasure course. And I am already realized thats a good exercise, too. I had some problems to solve

  • love what you did mmonaloren , Was very helpful for me that you shared the modifies you used. I did not even know what Shrinkwrap is doing and thanks to you, I read about and managed to use it to add the rings and other objects in my barrel. You saved me (without knowing ) a lot of time - so thanks and nice work!

    • avirozenboim I´m very glad I could help. This modifier combination has caused me a lot of headaches since that tire exercises.

      I have practiced it over and over again because I find it very useful for several things e.g the chains, the columns.

      It was very tricky in the beginning but now I guess I have figured it out;)

    • mmonaloren Good for you!  Taking the first step is the hardest, but keep at it and it will be second nature in no time.  Consistent practice is better than once in a while practice.

      The barrel looks clean from a modeling standpoint.  Now rough it up a bit!  You got this.

  • I only wish some of that rack wood detail made it into the barrel planks too

    I wanted to try all these  "smarter than harder workflows" from the treasure chest course.
    Mirror, Linked Data, Linked Material, Linked Modifier, Linked UVs etc.

    So I have modeled the barrel again.
    This time I started with a 16 segment cylinder, separate parts, bevel, extrude etc.
    and delete 11 and worked on 5 unique parts for the details.

    To avoid repititions I have used a very secret code ;)

    I had some problems understanding how "Align View to Active" works correctly and made some mistakes

    BTW: theluthier I am very grateful for the subtitles in the treasure course.
    That helped me a lot for understanding especially these Data_link-Topic

    So I worked harder than smarter on this smarter than harder topic.
    Now I hope to get along well with the texture painting.

  • BC1-1908 Homework Submission Week 2, MonaLoren

    Have finished painting my second barrel (with cracks). This was my second texture paint exept for the axe.Really not very intuitive and still many settings to discover.

    The unwrapping part worked well. For the wooden stand I decided to organize the parts manuell because the "Pack Island" options result was not as a precise as I wanted to.

    Baking the Dirty Vertex Color also was okay with one exeption.
    Subdivide the wooden stand led to some ugly empty space on the high poly mesh.Caused by the triangles i guess.
    I clean this up manuell and its worked.
    Also I used as blend type "value" instead" of "overlay". I thought it was nicer;)

    I am still a little irritaded by the viewport shading and its options.
    Sometimes it showed my texture extremely dark, than no texture at all...but not really a useful representation for me to worked with. I played a lot around ;)
    For this homework I decided to use LookDev which comes closest to my texture color.

    Overall this week was not easy because I modeled the barrel again and there was not so much time for painting. But on this way I learned a lot.
    Now I am very exited about shading&lightning.

    • crew

      mmonaloren Thank you for sharing your secret smart-repetition code! Seriously, that's golden insight into your workflow. I usually approach smart repetition in my head. Your method makes mine look super lazy 😅 Really nice work, Mona.

      The updated model and workflow insight you shared has earned you an A++ for week 1. And your texture work is spot on. Another A on the report card from me. The only suggestion I have for you is that possibly the wood texture could use some broader gradient variety in the wood tones. Here's an example where the board is notably darker and more saturated on one end (circled in black) and the other end is brighter and less saturated (circled in white):

      Your current texture looks fine, but this is just a small thing that could add a tiny bit more interest to the wood tones.

      Keep up the great work! 👏

    • theluthier hank you for your detailed comments and suggestions. That´s very helpful:)

      Actually I had painted more variations in the texture. Gradient, first with big smooth brush then smaller brushes, and at least 2 different colours&different falloff (without culling) on every side for smaller strokes. For the colors (3 because it was convenient) I chose monochromatic -I like that.

      On the object the variations are hardly to be seen due to the resolution. I was too carefully and focused on the settings. Learning effect. much brighter on one end than the other at the same plank.I am not so happy with this idea even if it looks very good at the barrel of n647. I don't want that please-- laugh.

      However: a compromise:
      It really might be more interesting with broader grandient variety.
      I would like to add Color Nr. 4 for some lighter areas so it is more visible also on the object.
      But not on the same plank but distributed over all planks. So the planks do have more differences from each other.
      All in all I would like to achieve a restful, quiet effekt/look (if this sentence make sense).

      I hope I still have time this week.
      There are some troubles with the shading&lightning part.

    • crew

      mmonaloren No worries, you can pass the broader gradient note 👌

  • Week3-Day 1--Material Wood
    Week3-Day 2 -Material Metal
    There are not so much material settings but I am permanent tweaking the settings and couldn´t decide what will be the best;)
    I guess I will make adjustments again and again until the end. I cannot decide.

    Week 3-Day 3 Day of Instance Theory.

    This is a tricky one but useful so I spent some hours to get familiar with this.
    It easy to delete something that should not deleted ;) Could be a little more comfortable.
    But obviously I dive deep into the subject of data in this class ;)

    Week 3 Day 4-Day of Light and some problems
    1. UV Map and noise/bump node
    Some parts of the UV layout are in x and some in y direction.
    So the bump effect on the object is not correct.
    Solution: I have made a new material for this part and only change the  x-y direction at the noise-node

    2. Camera
    every time I use Num0 for Camera Setting one plank of the barrel left his place and was flying around.
    Couldn´t find the reason why and at the end I killed it. Built a new one according my repetition code.

    3. Camera again
    For some reason I had to go into "view-camera" and set the selected object (camera) as camera.I cannot explain it in a better way, was very strange
    Didn´t work otherwise and I deleted and add a lot of cameras today.

    4. world material setting & first test render
    My first test render showed some white areas wihtout texture.Took me a while to figure out why.
    I selected the collection and use "instance to scene" and "M" for the collection I wanted.
    But there were some "backups" in this collection - selection also viewport and render disable.
    But it was copied to the instance and were overlapping my original mesh.

    First Render Test

    I surely will tweak all setting several times.
    I am not sure If I like it. Perhaps I will make the planks bigger or in the other direction.
    Change a little bit the overall color......
    But at the moment I am hoping the compositing will not be so exiting as these settings so far ;)

    • mmonaloren You are learning all kinds of things this week.  Good for you for sticking through the muck.  The barrel scene is shaping up nicely, but the hammered metal is a touch too strong for my taste.  But if it works for you, then that's okay, too.  Maybe the wood could use a stronger bump to balance with the metal better.

    • mmonaloren | Some parts of the UV layout are in x and some in y direction.

      If you use the Object Coordinates as input for the noise texture, it doesn't care about the UV layout...

      For the rest, it is beginning to look really good (maybe change scale of the Voronoi on the metal? Something looks a bit off, like silent also mentioned...)

      One thing: and maybe this is intentional, but it looks like it is standing on a round table, which makes me think the barrel is really small...

      But like I said, that might be your intention, a small table barrel;)

  • @silentheart00 spikeyxxx 

    Thank you very much for suggestion and advice.This is very helpful. Because after some hours tweaking and solving some problems I could not see anything.

    Yes, these material settings are too strong.

    And spikeyxx - thats it - thank you. I was thinking about these floor, there was something strange ;)

    I have already thought about rotating. But also maybe the floor shouldn´t touch the edges.

    I  tried the Object Coordinate yesterday.I will do this again with more concentration today.

    Some things to test out. Thank you.

  • Week 3 Day 5 Compositing Part (following the treasure chest Course) and some Changes

    Here are my changes. As far I can remember ;)
    - new floor and new camera position
    -Material Wood and Metal: Noise/Voronoi and some adjustments Reflection/Roughness
    -Color changes: floor, wooden stack

    and following the treasure chest course for compositing part.
    I followed also the workflow with this workaround and render with 200% etc..
    My render result showed a very dark vignette. Not so nice.

    I changed the Mask but I am not totally happy with the result.

    There are still some things to optimize.
    But right now I need a break ;)

    • mmonaloren Maybe try a complementary color for the background?

      You can do this easily by hand, but you can also color pick the main brown of the wood. Put that color into an Input > RGB node. Copy that node into the background and feed it through a Color > HSV node. Set the Hue to 0 and out comes the exact complementary color...

      So, without any effects:

      It's kinda relaxing to the eyes and makes the model stand out against the Background. Just an idea.

    • spikeyxxx Thank you spickey.
      Nice idea with the RGB Node and the complemantary.

      I often use this color wheel for color check/idea. BTW. there is an complementary color on the edges ;)But very slighty.
      I used one monochrome and the complementary of my barrel-brown for the Ellipse Mask/Mix Color.
      Very subtle. So I will try a stronger version.

    • mmonaloren Doesn't Mixing the complementary color with the original sort of defeats the purpose of using a complementary color? Sorry if I misunderstood what you have been doing;)

    • spikeyxxx sorry I did not write it very cleary.
      I used my color for the barrel as basecolor to find two other for good matching.
      one of these (in die Edges) are the complementary.
      The other is much brighter but in the monochrome range.
      I want a over all design with warm colors, so I used the same color-monochrome range.
      But this can also be very boring for the eyes, so I set the complementary too.
      So I wanted to achieve a pleasant color atmosphere -quiet and restfull..if my helpless sentence makes any sense

      But as you mentioned, perhaps it can be a good idea to make it more visible (the complementary).
      And also there are some areas too brighten I guess.

    • mmonaloren O.k. I think I get it now. Good thinking!

      Still, I would suggest to give it a try (non-destructively!) to make the background completely the complementary color and then add a vignette (maybe not that strong..). See how that looks. If you don't like it, just don't use it, but at least give it a try...

      It's not Sunday yet, so still time to experiment;)

      I'm sure you'll get a great result.

      Keep up the good work!

    • spikeyxxx Some Render Test I made yesterday
      based on your suggestion to use the complementar color. Played around a lot e.g. with Saturation, settings mask ellipse, and for the last one I used two colors

      I want to achieve some harmony. For me the complementary ist more like a "bang" ;)
      I also want to clean up and tweak some other things.
      So up to this point I had not made any deciscion. It was defitely worth a try.
      I was curious to see what it will be in the end.

    • mmonaloren Hi Mona, The fourth image is definitely an improvement to what you had before, But I think that you should either go for completely monochromatic or use a complementary color for the background, With the complementary color just on the edges, it distracts from the center of the images. The less contrasty vignette is a good idea!

      Maybe you could go for monochromatic and then use a blue-ish backlight to break that up?

      Just try some things out...

  • BC1-1908 Homework Submission Week 3

    the complementary color test looks good, but I wanted to try something else.
    Basically I followed the treasure chest course because compositiong is new for me.

    - Camera Settings:DoF / F-Stop I used an Empty
    - Light: HDR Heaven "courtyard / often changed the Rotation to find a good lightning
    an additional point lamp for the front part because I guess this should be the focus
    and another point lamp at the rear backside of the barrel to support the metallic of the rings ( before it was a little bit too dark comparing to the front)
    - Colors: monochromatic based on the warm colot of my textur paint base color
    for a kind of harmony, restful, calm impression
    Compositing Color Balance: Lift (dark), gamma (midtones) and Grain (highlights) only some very subtle changes to
    bring out the more brownish Range oft the dark and midtones and for the highlights a tiny step to blue
    HSV Node- reduced the Saturation to 0.4

    I think this were my settings to played with.

    At the end I thougt there is something missing and add the sign with red colors.
    Painted in Gimp and import to Blender with " Images as Planes". Very easy to do with the Material settings

    After 3 weeks working on this barrel I am more familar with 2.8 and start to like it;)
    Besides I have learnded some more techniques, exspecially a lot about Blender data, very useful.

    • crew

      mmonaloren Your barrel turned out so good. One of my favorite barrels. The wood details look incredible in the shader. Metal is very appealing. I love the warmth of the final composition too and that subtle vingnette 👌

      All around a wonder finale. It's an A+ from me. Great job this month, Mona!