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BC1-1908 Homework, Philipp Bauer


at day 1 I started making the same Sword, like the live stream, from my memories. I tried to remember the mechanics and I think it works well.

For day 2 I try to take a look on the "Treasure Chest" tutorial, also try to finish all parts fast because I see there is a second chest tutorial coming today :)

On day 3 I can do son have 18. Birthday :)

On day 4 I try to make my own model.

On day 5 I have to submit something ;)

I hope to reach my goals.

  • It looks good and clean from what I can see. 

  • Yeah, looks pretty good.  It is slightly different from Kent's but that's okay.  Good effort.

  • crew

    Setting clear goals, I like it. Happy birthday to your son! 🎂

    You sword looks great, very much akin to the one I modeled during the stream. I would say "this is passable for homework" but I don't want to risk you doing nothing else the rest of the week. So instead I say, "Keeping going!"

  • Keep at it man, you got this. I really like how you've laid out your goals for each day, could probably learn a thing or two from that...

  • Day 2: most of the first part is finish, 1.5 or 2 hours left :)

    To model the  "Treasure Chest" is much fun.

  • Nice progress! I also really enjoy the random color shading option when modeling!

  • Ok's day 4 and I have to do my own model :)

    I spent more than 5 hours today and still far away from finish:

    • Imaging what I want to model, OMG I spent 1 hour!
    • Struggle with my self, Sword, Bow, Battleaxe, Sign......30minutes ;)
    • Find my way, make a family sign........the rest of my day.

    Very happy with the result. But I don't finish the "Treasure Chest" chapter today, hope tomorrow.

    The next steps are detailing and adding some dents, dings and cracks.

  • Day 5

    I have done a lot.

    I tried to model the tree of life by my own but it takes way to long. 

    Now I convert the template image with Inkscape and import as vector. 

    Is this okay or is it forbidden?

    Or is it okay if I don't told you? :)


  • Homework Week 1 Submission 

    I hope all is ok:)

    I like the Celtic cross ;)

    And 1 shot in color:

  • crew

    This turned out to be such a cool project cruento! I love the family sign / crest theme. And I honestly really like the text and tree insignia at the top. I'm fine with you importing the vector information for the tree. You'd finish modeling that thing by hand this time next year ha! And since it's relatively a small detail compared to what you've built from scratch, I'm OK with you adding that.

    ( thecabbagedetective I also see where you were coming from about importing vector data 👌)

    My only suggestion is that the text be subtractive instead of additive. Meaning the words would look better imo if they were carved into the wood planks. That could make this more complex than you intended, in which case you can ignore the suggestion. But currently the text doesn't match the rest of the sign. Perhaps because it's too perfect. If you opted not to carve, adding some damage and irregularity to the text would be a step in the right direction.

    Even without the text, it's an A in my book. With the text (damaged or carved) you'd earn that coveted + 😁

  • Homework Week 2 Submission

    Sometimes I thought it would never be finished. To unwrap the boards with the text was horrible and isn't good but time is gone.

    I really learned a lot....I need some more knowledge about different blend types and shortcuts to switch between the tools.

    I am very bad at drawing and so the result makes me even happier :)

    • cruento The carved-in text looks really great!

      I think this week was hard on most of us;)

      UV Unwrapping and hand-painting textures!

    • cruento I really like how the carved text came out! Nice job.

    • cruento I really like that tree crest, is that from lord of the rings,  Minas Tirith?

    • dostovel yes it could be :)

      The meaning of the Celtic symbol:

      The Tree of Life commonly represents the interconnections of everything in the universe.

      It also represents the connection to one’s family and ancestors. The Tree of Life has an intricate network of branches that represents how a family grows and expands throughout many generations.

      gghujelk , spikeyxxx I am glad that you like it. The Font was not available in Blender, so I model it by my own. By applying the Boolean I had a lot of shading artifacts but it's ok now. I think it would work better if I make edges to the vert's of the text, but then it is a high poly mesh :)

    • crew

      cruento I'm glad to hear you learned a lot along the way. I definitely see it showing in your results. Overall it's a good texture but I do have some notes to offer:

      • The wood grain looks great on the outter frame and lowest horizontal board (highlighted in pink) but looks odd on the top 3 boards (highlighted in yellow).
        The middle two boards have color stripes that flow diagonally instead of horizontally like the bottom board, which aligns correctly with how wood boards are cut in reality. It feels unnatural and doesn't align with the wood cracks either.

        The top horizontal board appears to have correct directional flow of the grain but it's notably more subtle than the bottom board.

      • The metallic (I think) symbols attached to the crest should have some darkening around the edges, where it meets the surface of the wood:

        This is definitely where dirt, dust, and grime would gather. It will also help the symbols feel like they're coming in contact with the wood. Without it the metal appears to float above; disconnected.

      • The carved letters is another ideal place for dust and grime (darkness) to gather as well as lightening the edges. That will make the letters pop out of the wood whereas currently they blend in and get lost too easily. You can probably achieve this best with the dirty vertex color baking method in the treasure chest course.
    • theluthier no grade?

    • crew

      ssmurfmier1985 Whoops, it's a B: I recorded a grade on the report card but didn't put it in the feedback.

    • theluthier thank you! OMG now if you say it I see it so clear :) I like the style of diagonal wood lines, but you are right wood never cracks diagonal to the wood grain....why I don't see it by my self. I think the middle boards need a new UV-unwrap, I have to cutout the text because there are a lot of stretching and the painting was very odd. Post some pictures in the afternoon.

    • crew

      cruento Technically some rare wood does have a growth pattern called "figuring" that produces diagonal waviness that kinda looks like what you painted. But it's usually used in fine furniture and musical instruments, not in an outdoor sign usually made of common wood.

      It looks like the extreme n-gons in you carved letters is messing up the dirty vertex colors. Hmm...that could be fixed I think but it'd be tricky. I suppose you can just ignore that for this project unless you wanted to hand paint edge highlighting and crevice darkening for each letter 😱

      I won't count it against you to pass on the task. I got you into this mess after all by suggesting to boolean the letters for a carved look 😅

    • theluthier hihi thanks yes that's right. But if I didn't try it I didn't know it ;) Thanks for the background info of wood pattern, i thought I saw something like this before but I didn't remember where this was. I will try something to fix this problem because I am sure I can need the knowledge (hope can forgot the pain ;).

    • cruento Late to the party.  Phew!  That's a lot of work you put in; plenty you learned.  Good effort!

  • Lots of cool work :)  Neat to see the process as you work through engraving/carving text into the wood!

  • Homework Week 3 Submission 

    Planks from the background are procedural texture. Haven't enough time to draw them. Try to show some making of and setup tomorrow.

    • cruento Really nice work, love those knots in the wood you added

    • n647 thank you!

      I think that I have 4 boards with different styles is a little bit odd :) I try many technics of drawing and adding the text to the boards. There are 4 names of individual persons and so all 4 boards are also individual and told the stories of my personal development.

    • crew

      cruento Holy smokes, the wood grain texture on the middle two boards 🤩

      That is some exquisite detail. Now that I see it, I only wish it was also present in the top and bottom horizontal boards. Beautiful effect, regardless. Same with the wall boards; love the procedural grain.

      My main criticism is that the lighting feels a bit like glare on a TV screen. Like where the sun catches it just right, making things kinda hazy and harder to focus. The lighting here seems like it's catching everything at just the right angle to produce a similar feeling.

      Even still, I can see that you put a lot of work into this project, iterating it forward each week. Excellent work this month, Phillipp. You're finishing strong with an A+ in my book 👏

    • theluthier wow thanks a lot!

      Thanks to the whole community, and the class format, which helped me a lot to improve my work in the last weeks. Not only my own project helps me, I love to look at the other projects and also learn from them. It is very impressive to see how creative folks worked with this topic!

      This was my first class and I definitively will join the next one :)

  • First board and first painted:

    Nothing special.

    Second board third painted:

    I just tried to fix the problems by cutting out the text. It helps for the Texture-painting but not for the shading issues.

    I need an edge split modifier to fix.

    Third board forth painted:

    The Best result is with crating a face loop around each letter. Now i really know why it is important. Takes a long time :(

    At the beginning it was very frustrating, but at the end I improve my speed a lot (could not believe :) and it was pure fun to push and pull all these vertices WooHoo :)

    I think my topology is not sexy but it works for this project.

    Fourth board and second painted:


    The map looks a bit odd. I forgot to over paint the old painted texture.

  • Great work. Especially with the lettering. Much time and effort, I'm sure.