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BC1-1908 Homework, hevikabisa

 I will soon post here my ideas and WIP for the class. 

  • crew

    Looking forward to it :)

  • Looking forward to what you can do!

  • Keeping an eye on it, good luck!

  • Week 1 Progress Update 1

    Ok here we go... I decided to model a sword. Through some brainstorming I decided that my sword should have some kind of gem(s) as it's main "specialty" and it should look "royalish" (gold, silver), yet colorful. At first I though I would do a whole sword design, but as I was unsure where to really go with my sword I decided to separate the design into three steps - handles, guards and blades.

    The idea is that I will draw these parts separately with multiple options and when done I will choose a "winner" in each category. Then I will either go straight to modeling   or if there's enough time I will draw a final whole sword design from the parts I have chosen.

    The past two days I drew some handles.  One handle design took me around 2 hours to draw as I'm not experienced nor really good at it so it takes temendous effort for me to create something lookable in a timely manner. Also shading is probably wrong in many places, still working to improve on that one :)

    Below you can see what I created so far:

    Tommorow (Friday) I want to finish the guard and blade designs, so I can start with actual modeling on Saturday. At worst I will start modeling on Sunday, which will be a little hectic but still doable.

    And that will be all from me today, thanks for reading,

    Question: How do I decide whitch parts of the sword should be modeled as separate objects? The way I see it now is that when it is a separate piece in real life, then it should be a separate object in my model too. 

    • hhevikabisa Amazing! I love the art style! It gives me an Adventure Time feel :P

      Regarding your question, you pretty much answered it yourself! It depends of the object, what will be used for, if the pieces have to move, etc. Personally I separate them where real pieces would be different, so I can work without worrying of making undesired changes, and put everything in a Collection. When it's finished I join all the pieces in one object.

    • hhevikabisa Good start!  Looking forward to where this leads.

    • hhevikabisa To reiterate what's been said here, what you said is pretty much how you do it. There may be times where for whatever reason you many need to divide one solid piece into multiple but as a general rule of thumb is if it what built that way it's good to 3D model it that way.

  • hhevikabisa Those are some fantastic looking handles! I'm also a fan of that approach to brainstorm each piece and combine the winners. That's similar to how I approach modeling, each piece I model separately and when it's time to join them I just make a copy of each piece and join those together, that way I still have the originals in case I'd want to tweak them or reuse them afterwards.

  • Week 1 Progress Update 2

    Thanks for help guys. Really appreciate it. 

    Today and yesterday I worked on some blade designs.

    I can see now where I want to go with this project more clearly. I want my sword to be kinda mysterious (the runes, snake, weird marks...), abandoned and broken ( not seeen in my designs as I didn't have time to draw small details like cracks, moss etc.).

    I didn't start with the modeling yet, I will have to do it during the last day of the deadline, but I got whole day free to do it. I think I will go with the middle blade design along with the black handle I drew previously. There was no time to design the guards and do a one final drawing of all pieces together, which kinda saddens me but I think I can manage without it, because the guard will be rather simple to keep the light and elegant black look of the whole sword.  Also I'm not 100% sure about the snake, I mean I like it like that but it could prove to be a bigger bite  than I can chew in one day.

     I will try to make some modeling progress posts tommorow to document the "journey" before posting the final piece. 

    Note to self: Need better time managment skills lol

    Question:  If you look at my black handle from previous progress update, the handle is wrapped up in some kind of fabric. How do Iprecisely wrap it up in Blender so it looks right? Shrink wrap? Snapping? 

  • Week 1 Progress Update 3

    I'm done with a blockout for now.  You can see my results here:

    There are no bandages around my handle as you can see. I'm still not sure how I want to approach it, but I was thinking I could just texture themlater on, which could be more effective than modeling it by hand. What do you think guys?

    Anyway, I'm moving soon onto detailing the blade. If I have spare time after that I will do the snake around the blade too :)

  • Week 1 Homework Submission

    Ok, so I didn't manage to do it 100% like I wanted. The drawing took too much time, but I wanted to give it a go as I want to imrpove my drawing abilities too.  Maybe I should've focused just on the modeling part :D 

    The sword I made belonged to a warrior that fought a great fight, but he was outnumbered and lost. He is dead now, but he took many lives of his enemies as well.

    Anyway, here's my submission:

    Anyway this was fun. I'm not really used to modeling without subsurf and I am curious how it will turn out. Have a feeling that I will pick it up again after class and do a whole scene around it.

    Thanks everyone for their replies.

    • hhevikabisa Good effort!  Even the best artists need to start with several concepts before settling on one, so don't worry about it!  You'll get better if you keep at it.

      The sword overall is good, nice wear and tear.  The big break can certainly tell a story in its own right.  Keep going!

    • crew

      hhevikabisa You've done a great job modeling and sharing you WIP. There's a ton of good information - thanks for sharing!

      Your sword turned out beautifully. I really like the damage, including the break in the blade. It's a really cool touch. The design is interesting too. I like the long straight blade with a hollow channel down the middle. It's unique and interesting.

      The only note I'd offer is arguably one of preference. But I would like to have seen some detail in the handle. Not just the wear and tear but some sort of grip wrapping. 3 of the 4 handles you illustrated has those kinds of details. But I understand if design-wise you chose to go with a more plain cylinder.

      Overall it's definitely an A from me this week. I can't wait to see this textured and shaded!

    • silentheart00 Thanks for the word of encouragement. 

      theluthier Thanks for critique and grading.

      Week 2 Progress Update 1

      I moved onto UV unwrapping and encountered a problem. My UV is noticeably stretched. I thought the blade would be just a simple cut around the edge and the middle edge loop of the hole, splitting it in two halfs. Well it turned out like this:

      I tried various things, but none of them were satysfying enough. Marking a seam through the middle of the flat part of the blade helped, but I don't really think it is all right having a seam there and the result isn't that good anyway: 

      Other things I've tried to fix this problem and didn't work:
      1) Removing double verticies
      2) Applying scale and all transforms
      3) Checking if any modifiers are unapplied -all applied
      4) Checking for ngons and fixing them, making quads or tris
      5) Switching unwrap methods

      Can anyone help me with this unwrapping problem please?

      Also while I'm posting this, another question came to mind: If I modeled the parts separately (handle, guard, blade..), do I make separate UVs too? Or do it like on the stream, just one UV layout and one texture? I was thinking about this and thought maybe it is up to quality/performance?

      And if the latter, do I have to join the objects into one or is there another way how to get all UVs in one layout. I tried selecting all objects and going into edit mode, then with everything selected I unwrapped just to see what will happen and it seemed to work fine, is it the best or even valid method though?

      EDIT: The stretching is set to area, angle stretching is fine. 

    • hhevikabisa try cutting a seam around the bottom loop of the blade, where it connects with the handle. I think that will help. Unless you haven’t filled that with faces? Can’t really tell for sure from the screenshot.

      If that doesn’t work you can turn on live syncing, and selecting in the uv editor the places where it’s still connected in a weird way. With those selected you can check in the 3D viewport where those spots are and mark them as a seam to cut them loose.

      I would do all  in 1 texture, you should have enough texture density for it, it’s not a too big of a model. And you don’t have to join them, select all and tabbing into edit mode is perfect 👌  

  • Hi hevikabisa, like Miranda already said, it's very hard to tell from these screen shots, but it looks to me as if your 'outer' seam is on the 'front' and the 'inner' seam is on the 'back' of your model...

    This should unwrap almost perfectly, but it doesn't, so something is wrong with the placement of your seams for sure.

  • Week 2 Progress Update 2

    Thanks for help guys. The live syncing and taking a look at problematic areas  helped. Some faces on the sword were far too out of proportion from the rest (double to triple the length of surrounding faces) which probably caused the stretching I guess, so I added an edge loop to relief the area. 


    And this is after adding an edge loop

    Another problem was the shape of the blade's UV. I really hated the V shape it made and it also caused some stretching. The conformal unwrap method produced a far better shape than the angle based, but at a cost of way more stretching, so I decided to do another cut in half at the bottom of the sword, making it 4 separated UVs. 

    Other objects didn't give me as much trouble, although some of the UVs are somewhat on the green side. I will keep trying to fix those areas, but hopefully they won't be a huge issue if I fail. I'm also wondering how will the whole texturing part turn out with some disscutable seams placing. This is like fifht time at best that I'm going to texture something, so I miss the experience to foresee the problems my decisions may cause.

    Anyway, here is my UV layout result:

    I will do probably one more progress update before posting final result, cheers until then :)

    Questions: There's a lot of unused space. What if I choose only some islands and scale them bigger? I tried to do that and it didn't seem to do anything wrong, but something's telling me this is a bad idea. 

    • hhevikabisa You can scale any islands, no problem.

      But it only makes sense to scale up those parts that will have a lot of detail.

      So scaling up the bottom of the handle, that doesn't have a lot of detail and is never going to be seen. maybe, just to fill up the space won't do you any good. It won't harm you either, but it's useless. 

      If everything that needs detail is as big as possible, there is usually not much that you can do.

      It just depends on where you want a lot of detail.

      Hope this makes sense, I am getting tired, so I am no longer able to express myself optimally;)

  • Week 2 Homework Submission

    Ok so this was interesting. I did a lot of experimenting and learning, so my result isn't something I'm exactly satisfied with, but it was a good experience. Here it goes:  (The pictures are taken from look dev mode, texture previewed through node wrangler addon - not connected through  the actual material. ):

    See you next week guys. 

    • hhevikabisa That looks great!  By the way, you can take a screenshot in Blender by going to window > save screenshot.

    • crew

      hhevikabisa Your texture turned out well! I like the bloodstains. This thing has definitely seen some battle.

      My main note to offer is that each color is solid in tone and there isn't much variety in each tone. It gives the texture a simple appearance. Which is fine if that's the intention but for more of a painterly effect I recommend breaking up every color with a variety of tones:

      On the left are solid colors similar to the ones in your texture. On the right are the same colors that are broken up by a variety of tones. Overall they still look like the same colors but more fully realized, more depth on the right.

      You've accomplished the homework well and it's an A from me this week.

    • hhevikabisa Late to the party.  Sorry to hear you were having such issues with unwrapping.  It's a different mindset for sure.  Good effort on your sword!

  • Week 3 Progress Update

    Ok, this week was by far the hardest for me. Tinkering with nodes was fun, but I have a lot to learn. That's why I mostly just copied the live stream stuff and only experimented with different applications and values. 

    I guess I will post my node setups:





    LookDev image with materials applied:

    Making the blood stains less metalic and more rough along with the dirt was little bit chalenging, but I think I somewhat managed to do that.

    As I'm posting this, I already know how my final render looks. I can't say I'm impressed, yet I'm not disappointed. It's kinda the first that I can say is mine and I've finished it all the way through. Weakest part is imo the texture, the color breaking that was mentioned  to me would definitely make it better. Also the handle without any wrapping is really dull. I wanted to try to texture it but felt like the result was bad, and had no time to go back to modelling phase as I barealy made these deadlines through the weekends :D.

    Thanks everyone for replies and feedback, I will try to apply it next time I do a project.

  • Week 3 Homework Submission

    EDIT: I used "skyfire" HDRI, which is an outdoor picture at a sunset time. Then in composition - a dark background with a hint of a tealsy color. 

    • crew

      hhevikabisa Congrats on finishing the project! It looks pretty good too - you should be proud of what you've accomplished.

      I have a few notes to offer:

      • Overall a pretty dark image which tends to hide details and all the lovely work you put into the project. I'd recommend boosting brightness:

      • I think the angle is less flattering than it could be. It looks more like a katana in this render where I know from previous renders it's significantly wider than a katana. I find this design element interesting and recommend rotating the sword a bit so we can see the fuller width of the blade.

      • I wish there was more "reflection play" in the metals. By this I mean that there was more reflection or clearer reflection (or both) so that lights can "dance" along the shapes more noticeably. This also plays into the bloom effect nicely. Without this it feels more dull than it needs to imo.

        A solution to this could also be a different HDRI image with more breakup - as in not a clear sky HDRI but a city or a studio setup where there's lots of bright spots and dark spots for varying values of light.

      Still you've earned an A in my book. Good work this month!