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Camera tracking in blender 2.8 + Adobe AE

Hello everyone! Does anyone know how to use adobe after effects and blender 2.8 for camera tracking?

  • You can just use Blender for camera tracking, many tutorials on You Tube.

  • Hi, Blender cloud has some great tutorials about camera tracking. It is also important to understand basic fundementals how camera tracking works.

  • tthepainter Yes. I have done this successfully a few months back.

    There is a script floating around somewhere - I think here - https://blenderartists.org/t/after-effects-to-blender-2-70a-javascript-python-generator/520162 . It is only for Blender 2.7, but I successfully updated the script to work with Blender 2.8. I don't have it to hand, but I can probably dig it out if you would find it useful?

    An alternative is to use the 2.7 script, import the camera tracking into Blender 2.7, save your file and open in Blender 2.8. Then re-save. Some people do this.

    AE camera tracking is excellent. Essentially, you do the tracking in AE, and then export a Python script that, when run in Blender, recreates the camera tracking. I got some very good results with Blender 2.8. See this video where he goes through the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el_n1UfPL_M , though this is using the Blender 2.7 script.

    Bender has its own camera tracking, but it is (as usual for Blender) an extremely manual and time consuming process. Even forgiving the "you are on your own" approach that Blender takes, the main limitation for me was that it requires some degree of parallax for successful tracking.

    What I mean by that - Blender camera tracking only works when you have a big difference in movement between numerous foreground objects and numerous background objects. So you basically need lots of close and far away objects, that are clearly trackable, moving sideways across your frame. For example, if you take a video just walking down a street facing forwards, that's very unlikely to work with Blender camera tracking. Walk sideways down a beach on the other hand (with your camera at 90 degrees to direction of travel) and you might get a good result - after lots of manual effort painstakingly tracking markers from frame to frame.

    AE camera tracking on the other hand is a matter of loading up the video and pressing a button... I love it. It's pure f****** magic.

    I hope that helps.