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[Modelling] Creating a crosshatch mesh

Hello everyone, I' m trying to model a "Bertoia" type armchair to give to a friend as an architectural asset. Although I could call it done as it is I would like to recreate that crosshatch effect the normal chair has. 

I used the wireframe modifier to make the mesh look like a grid but it seems to folllow the underlying topology. I could recreate the topology using a dupliacte mesh and a shrinkrwap modifier but I was wondering whether there is something I' m missing.

Link to the sketchfab model (I am not sure if there is a way to embed this on this post)

And an image of the actual effect I' m going for

  • You could model it using the reference image and try to make the edge loops the same as the lines on the real thing. Afterwards you could add a wireframe modifier.

  • personally, i think i would:

    model it [looks like you could use a subdivided plane and Proportional editting]

    select all -> delete [x] only faces

    in Object Mode, Alt-C, convert to Curve.

    go to your Curve tab in the object properties and add Fill - Full, and appropritate Bevel Depth and Resolution

    Alt-C back to a mesh and clean up, if you wish

    here's a test on one of my cockpit doors: