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Anura Interceptor's polybook

This is my most complex project to date, it's been 11 months since I started it because I've lost motivation to do 3D and gotten back into it multiple times since then. It's very nearly done, it just needs the brass piece starting from the bottom of the handle and the one that wraps around the barrel redone, and some minor tweaks to the wooden part of the handle. 

The video attached to this shows a problem I'm having, I put supporting face loops around the hard edges like it was recommended to in the mesh modelling bootcamp, but it's making a hard crease at these two areas that should be smoother. Is there any way to smooth out those areas while keeping the face loops in the same general area? If I pull the face loops back, those areas start artifacting more, if I add face loops to the areas opposite the creases, the crease becomes even worse.