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Keiths Polybook

Hi there!  

Welcome to my Polybook where I will post my current work in progress.

  • Here's another little update, I've added a bit of detail here and there and some teeth. Also I posed the hand a bit better so now she is gripping her stick instead of it just floating there! And I added some colour just to help me visualise things.

    I do need to put more work in on the clothing, it's definitely my weakest point! But I might improve the slippers next and come back to her shawl later.

  • A little bit more progress this evening, I've added some hair to the slippers to make them nice and fluffy and added a bit more detail to the  glasses and the stick. Also I sculpted a bit more on the shawl but I'm still not that happy with it - I'll have another crack at it this weekend!

    • Dont think she can see well in those glasses out there, or is it a he? Good work anyway:)

    • It's okay she is near-far-sighted. She can see up close items clearly but needs glasses to see far away items and since they are not up on her eyes they are technically far away, lol.

      It is looking awesome. I think she should be as if she were squinting in her eye and brows a little more (almost like a believabilitly that she is trying to see something afar off). But that would be if I were doing it.

    • Thanks for the comment aarev it's definitely a 'she' !  😃

      That's a good call blanchsb thanks for that! I will probably make another pass on the head to add some more wrinkles. and hopefully that will emphasise the squint a bit more!

  • I've been thinking about tassels today and how to make them. I tried a few different techniques using the hair system but I wasn't really getting what I wanted so I came up with these using paths converted to a mesh and a then a displace modifier. I think they look pretty good but could definitely use a few more strands to them and make them look a bit more varied.

    Also I added some finger nails, I do need to come back and sculpt the fingers to make them look like they are attached and not just stuck on! 

  • I like this Morpheus style glasses. This lady croc definitely knows something!

  • Here's a little update on Granny Gharial.

    I've been using the Vertex paint in Blender to make a skin material and to try and make her a bit pretty with some eye make-up 😎

    I'm not too sure about the walking stick texture at the moment, I want something that looks 'old lady' but not quite sure if it fits with the rest of the colour scheme. So I'll probably play around with that a bit more.

    I retopo'd the shawl and baked the creases from the high poly sculpt, and then added a nice knitted texture.

    I think my next steps will be some more painting on the teeth and the finger nails, and maybe I can add something to the scales on the tail