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[ENDED] BC1-1908 - August 2019 Class Homepage - Get Started Building Stuff with Blender 2.8

Announcement #5: This class has officially come to a close. Please check out the closing post and thank you for joining!

Announcement #4: Week 2 is officially complete! Thank you for submitting your homework on time. Let the grading commence.

Announcement #3: Week 1 is officially complete! I'll be grading 55 homework submissions by my count. Thank you for submitting on time. I'll be busy today :)

Announcement #2: First week's live stream recording is available and I've started filling out the homework roster. Feel free to keep an eye on the Report Card throughout the month if you'd like.

Announcement #1: Class is in session! We're all going to learn a lot and have fun the next 3 weeks. I wrote a kickoff post on page 3. See you tomorrow for the first stream!

Welcome to the CGCookie Class: Get Started Building Stuff with Blender 2.8! If you're interested in computer graphics, 3D modeling, and you're new to Blender or just new to 2.8, this class is where you need to be. Ushering in the modern era of Blender, we will familiarize ourselves with what's new as well as get up to speed with how to build STUFF in 3D.

This "Class" format invites all Citizen members to focus together on a particular topic/skill for a month. Participation looks like this:

  • RSVP and attend the Live Events (they will be scheduled soon)
  • Watch (or have already watched) the pre-recorded education outlined for each week
  • Submit homework by creating a forum thread that contains all your work-in-progress and final homework for the month
  • Generally be active in this Homepage thread: Ask questions and answer your peer's questions if you can.

WHEN? The class will take place from JULY 29th - AUGUST 20th.


This time the class curriculum is project-based. You will have the opportunity to choose between 3 assets to create throughout the month: A wooden sign, a barrel, a sword or a treasure chest. I chose these assets because they're fun to create but also conducive for teaching fundamental skills.

 ✅ WEEK 1: 3D Modeling (July 29-Aug 4)

The goal week 1 is to get familiar with Blender 2.8 and model your chosen asset. If you're brand new to Blender it's very important that you spend time each day of this week getting comfortable with Blender's interface. Once you're comfortable, you will have a more enjoyable experience learning and practicing modeling.

Courses to watch:

Week 1 Live Event


  • Spend 1 hour with Blender per day (especially if you're brand new)
  • Model a sign, barrel, sword, or treasure chest.

✅ WEEK 2: UVs & Texture Painting (August 5-11)

Plain gray models can be boring. So we paint them with colors! This is where "textures" work their magic. But before we can paint on our 3D models, we have to layout UVs. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry. After you watch the texturing course and the live event for this week, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Course to watch: Treasure Chest Course (Chapter 2)

Week 2 Live Event

Homework: Layout UVs and paint textures for your sign, barrel, sword, or treasure chest.

✅ WEEK 3: Shading & Lighting(August 12-18)

Texturing introduces color to your models but materials make your model appear to be plastic, or wood, or metal, etc. If you're asking yourself "What's the difference", fear not! I will make sure you know the difference by the end of this week.

We will also be exploring the Eevee engine and how it works together with texturing and shading for a realtime workflow.

Pre-recorded courses to watch: Treasure Chest Course (Chapter 3)

Week 3 Live Event

Homework: Create materials and establish appealing lighting for your sign, barrel, sword, or treasure chest.

✅ Class Wrap Stream (August 20)

We'll be doing a 4th live stream to close out the class: Review week 3 homework, and celebrate all the glorious things we've learned!

This thread is reserved for CG Cookie Citizens that are participating in the "Get Started Building Stuff with Blender 2.8" class. Its purpose is to serve as central communication for all participating Citizens (excluding Hobby plan Citizens) to ask me and fellow participants questions pertaining to the class. As the instructor of the class, I will be monitoring this thread on a daily basis (especially Mon-Thurs) throughout the month of August.

Free members are welcome to observe the thread but please respect that communication and participation is reserved for Citizens.

  • theluthier Will there be a trivia /quiz at the end of the streams like before?

  • crew

    This Class is officially IN SESSION!

    With Blender 2.8 in the final stages of release I think it makes sense that the class happens as scheduled, meaning today is the first official day. WAHOO this is going to be fun :)

    If you're asking yourself "So what should I be doing today?" here's your answer: Double check the syllabus (description at the top of this thread) and start watching the treasure chest course as it's intended to be your education foundation of the class. If you've already watched it then you're ahead of the curve and can relax for tomorrow's stream. I will go over the class format in detail at the beginning of the stream.

    It's been a year (wow, has it really...) since doing a class and I'm very excited to be starting one again! I will be active and present in this thread and the soon-to-come homework threads for the duration of the class, so if you have questions don't hesitate to ask in this thread.

    We're in this together for the next 3 weeks! See you all tomorrow for the stream 👀

  • Yes having absolutely the same experience, almost anything I made in Blender in 2018 that was done during the CG classes. 

    Watching through them it is quite unbelievable even for me that how & when made those :-)

    Anyway the above rule also mean, that since there were no CG classes in 2019, so my Blender production is nearly zero in 2019 :D

    However watched quite a lot of tutorials this year, that is also something 

  • I'm ready and exited!  I think I'll model the sword because it looks the most difficult.

  • First CG challenge and now this. Oh boy that's some training bootcamp I got in...

  • I would like to make a keyblade :)
  • good stuff coming. watched the treasure chest course on sunday. this will be nice addition on 2.8 stuff. not sure yet if i have time to model something extra this week. other project havin more priority at the moment.

  • Hey Guys, 

    I'm not new to blender but I could never attempt a class before. So I'm trying to participate this time. Most Probably that is a very old question, but I can find the answer: where can I submit my homework? 

    looking forward to see your results. regards 


  • Just have modelling the treasure chest and got to an interesting question, what if the key hole is too big and just realized that later? (not so bad looking but evidently bigger than in the tutorial)

    So briefly if the poor modeller realizes that late, how to make it smaller? Finding it especially tricky that the middle point of the circle is not clear anymore, plus the shape also extruded already

    • csehz That is a problem that occurs many times.

      In this case, the keyhole looks fine.

      But to make it smaller, one way is to apply the Mirror Modifier. Then fill the keyhole ( 'F', just an N-Gon is fine). Press 'I' to inset.

      'X' to delete the Face( the N-Gon). You can get rid of the 'outer keyhole vertices' by merging them with the inner ones, if that makes sense;)

      Now delete one half of the mesh and give it a new Mirror...

      Maybe there is a better way to do this, but in this case this will work.

    • crew

      csehz Here's how I would fix the size of the keyhole (minding the mirror modifier):

    • theluthier csehz You guys make gif's like it's no biggy, yet it is a biggy cuz no one makes gif's just because. People search gif's, people post gif's, but make them entirely that is a rare gift.

  • Interesting question 2#

    Not clear how that could happen, but selecting that (it appears only at that one) particular object, going to its Edit mode it disappears :-)

  • theluthier That is brilliant Kent. 

    You solved both interesting questions in two minutes :D Of course that they were hidden in Edit mode.

    spikeyxxx Also thanks for your tip of course!

  • Damn I'm starting to feel like I'll never be ready for sunday submission. I guess it's the worst when you're pretty noobish in Blender : Doing anything, even simple, takes you so much time...

  • I find it fascinating how even though almost all of us are making swords, every sword is different.  (Has anyone chosen the sign?)

  • Hello,

    I was wondering where we can get the reference image used for tuesday's class. I would like to follow along with it if possible.

  • Hey there, i was just wondering if members who are following the class "passivly" (without livestreams and homework submissions) are allowed to participate in this thread?

  • Keeping traditions is a nice thing and especially for the new participants would like to mention, that here on CG Cookie there is a history already in Classes.

    At the end of each completed class month Kent used to add the well deserved XPs to our profile, it is a kind of gamification to compensate the hard work, as it is really a challenge to sumbit homeworks on all the weeks.

    This practice gives possibility for a small home competition, who were the best students in praticular CG Cookie Classes?

    Here are the winners:

    BC1-1801 - January Class - Katerina Novakova ( Sshiennar ) - 190 XP
    BC2-1803 - March Class - Matthew Ullrey ( ullreym ) - 180 XP
    BC3-1806 - June Class - Aaron Rudderham ( thecabbagedetective ) - 178 XP
    BC1-1808 - August Class - Miranda van Elst & Aaron Rudderham ( smurfmier1985 & thecabbagedetective ) - 195 XP
    BC4-1810 - October Class - Pavel Mazanik ( nekronavt ) - 176 XP

    Miranda and Aaron are surely with us also this month, let's see who will be the best in BC1-1908 - August 2019 class :-)

  • Ok, I have to say it. 

    Seeing all people's thread, with some people doing several models at a time, with a scene, is very intimidating. 

    Let alone the XP contest mentionned above... This is turning way too competitive for a course for my fragile mind...

    More seriously, it's crazy to see all this activity. You all people are on fire!

    • ootowa You're right, I feel like cancelling my membership and even quit Blender when I see all these great works (here and on the CGC Challenge...).

      But then I think, hey, I'll just have to get better!

      You are not getting rid of me that easily;)

    • ootowa The XP isn’t important. For some people it’s a motivational thing but for the most part it’s much more important to have fun, learn something and get inspired by your class mates. 

      You made an awesome car for the CGC Challenge, and now you can use those skills learned to make something new.

      Ignore the XP, it really isn’t a competition, it’s all good and fun :) 

      Just do your best that’s all you can do, and enjoy the ride, you got this!

    • Seeing all people's thread, with some people doing several models at a time, with a scene, is very intimidating.  

      ootowa There is really no reason to look on it like that. 

      You know everything is relative, people are in different ages, ambitions, having different life and time what can allocate for Blender. It is natural that 8 hours per day has different output than half an hour per day. The most important is that personally you what take out from the class. 

      For a beginner I would propose that just start it, open that own thread, do it and do not look so much what others are doing. Or just use them as inspiration to get to the same level once, so just enjoy the community. 

      The XP's are the same, if the gamification is not your world that is completely okay. Similiar discussions used to be whether grades should be given by Kent or not. Personally I like the grades because would like to see my level objectively, but understanding if that is not comfortable for others and not preferring.

      Briefly, it is not that serious at all :-)

    • csehz Yeah I only have one or two hours of Blender a day if I'm lucky, and I always think man imagine if the 8 to 5 I spend at my regular job I could invest it learning CGI instead, oh the possibilities. So be like Nike and just do it.

    • crew

      ootowa Please don't feel intimidated. One of the things we're always trying to understand as instructors is how to get people to apply what they learn. In other words how to DO and not just consume. Some people find competition motivating, or a grade / XP value is motivating/affirming, or seeing the work of others motivating. This is why XP exists and why we encourage people to share their WIP regularly.

      On the other hand, those same things can have the opposite effect on other people. If that's you please understand that the only goal in all of this is to learn and APPLY yourself. If you find that you're more productive avoiding other students' homework threads and avoiding grading / XP all together, that's absolutely fine. Let me know and I won't grade your work. I'll still give you feedback if you like but no grading.

      As long as you're productive this month - creating stuff - that's all I really care about!

    • theluthier I understand, I was not that serious. I just was surprised first when the grading was mentionned. 

      I'm doing what I can, and enjoying learning, that's what matter I guess. 

      Please grade me. I need to know. And I'll discover the joys of the american grading system ^^

  • I don´t have a xp-competition ;)
    For my opinion it does not say anything about your work. And so, I personly ignore it. I try to learn and have fun.
    And if it gets too much for me and my brain goes crazy, I´ll take a break (hopefully) ;)

    I read all the threads and its amazing what different things are comming out.
    Great respect for the fantastic works.
    As I mentioned in one thread I am learning a lot about swords;). But although we have only a few object to choose from, there are so many different ideas. For me it is very inspiring and motivating.

    Also I learn a lot by reading this threads. A big thank you to all sharing there ideas, experience and questions.
    This ist very helpful for me.
    And a big apology because I am not be able to write a comment in every thread.
    As I said, I am reading them all and I am very impressed.

    So keep up the nice work and have fun.
    May the vertices be with you

  • When is the homework due to exactly? Sunday Midnight?

  • I believe the gamefication aspect of the site is what gives it the edge up on other sites.. I for one can't stand the look of that graph on my dashboard dipping down, which motivates me to take courses, make exercises, do challenges and improve.. It gives you a challenge and a fixed point when you need to deliver it, I can't count the times I bough courses on Udemy and then just stop quarter/halfway because it all lacked "purpose", even if it's something as silly as "xp".. (it also is a way to follow how much you've improved, now from a lowly lvl1 to a lvl2 ^^, feels like I'm a char in my own rpg )

    But in every challenge I would/will push myself, I've always been this way, not to "flex" as theluthier would call it but to prove to myself I can do it, not just follow tutorials and then get stuck when I make something of my own.. Nobody should ever look at other peoples threads and be discouraged, just try, learn from your mistakes (and other people's) and improve at your own pace