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Sketchbook - Piotr Brzostyński

I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but mostly cartoon and anime characters and even though I liked drawing, I never gave myself a chance to really learn it. By that I mean studying from photos or even drawing from the real world. So now, after a major break, I want to get back to it and learn it more seriously and that's why I'm starting my sketchbook. 

I'm using Clip Studio Paint and I'm still figuring out how things work there.

I've never drawn a human, so for now I'm trying to draw portraits from photographs, so here is my very first portrait:

Then in the second one I tried to paint  with colors, but... uh, I don't like it, it looks just creepy. I can see that the face structure isn't good, I should've spent more time on sketching the right proportions.

  • Back to greyscale, today's work:

    • brzostek Hey, nice to see you open up a sketchbook =]

      You can sketch from reference well, so that's a good start.  For the image where you tried color, it looks like you're changing the value greatly but not the saturation as much.  Try instead increasing the saturation more, the value less, and change the hue more.  I did a small paint over in that image.  Even though the two colors are extreme, I gradually layered the shade over the base layer.  Feel free to check out some busts I created and analyze them.  I went pretty extreme on the skin tones on my hexblade bust, which has a nice contrast range without dulling down the hues.  It's okay; color is hard to work with, so go experiment.  Find the combos you like and understand why you like those combos.  Check out the concept stuff here, too, if you haven't yet.  Great stuff in there.

    • silentheart00 Oh wow, it does look much better. Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely try to follow them! 

    • brzostek No prob!  Happy to help.

  • So this is my most recent experimentation with color, just an eye study.

    And some cyberpunk girl I guess... I was making this one very late at night, basically I was just doodling something mindlessly but I wanted to just use colors.

    I don't like the basic structure of the figure, feels a bit lackluster and out of proportions, so I probably won't finish this, but it was fun anyway.