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February 26th, 2019 - Blender Live Critiques - Submit Your Blender Art!

It's that time again: Time to get your Blender projects ripped to shreds by the best critics in town! 

I mean....If you would like a critique from *humble* Blender heads, Kent Trammell and Jonathan Lampel , to help push your stuff to the next level, please submit one of your projects to this thread. It can be a model, environment, texture work, a shader, animation - anything created with Blender.


The stream will start at 2pm eastern US time on Tuesday, February 26th. It's ideal if submitters can participate in the stream. However if you want to get a critique but won't be able to participate in the stream live, that's OK. We'll still review your project and you can watch the recording later.

Instructions for Submission:

NOTE: All active Citizen members have access to watch this live critique stream and submit art to be critiqued.

  1. Post a link to your Blender project in this thread. This can be still images (WIPS or final renders) or video (turntables, animations, etc).
  2. IMPORTANT: Please provide context for the project with a description that gives us an idea of what you're trying to achieve.
    • "I'm going for realism but something feels off and but I don't know what..."
    • "I'd like to match the style of ______. What should I do to get there?"
  3. Please submit your project by February 24th.
  • Woohoo!  Now, what to submit?  Hmm.....

  • Nice! I definitely will have some stuff to critique :)

  • Awesome to see this again. Maybe by then I have some short animation or a more complex model like character. Gonna see how things go :) 

  • Great! I will hopefully have something nice to show until then.

  • Where do we post our work?

  • theluthier 

    anything created with Blender. 

    Critique candidate should be created entirely in Blender? What if, for example, it's a character sculpted in ZBrush, retopologized and have some accessories modeled in Blender and is textured in Substance Painter?

  • Hi,

    This is my project:

    I went for realism. First, I created the foreground, but then I didn't know what to put into the background. Finally, I tried to make a  small canyon, a small clearing, and dense forest.

    Something is off. I think the trees are too dense, but still, I think that isn't it. 

    This is one of my first attempts to create a large environment.

    Thanks in advance!

    Thomas Lapes

  • Here's my project:

    The problem I have is with the material.  I was trying to match the material on Kilo Ren's lightsaber. Thus, I would like to add wear and tear to the metal (scratches and heat stain, in particular). The thing I run into, however, is that I can't find a way to make it look right.


    Nathan Foster

  • Well, I have a few projects to submit.






    By the way, all of these projects will be available on the Blender Market this fall. If any one is interested, I will be posting updates on these Mecabricks forums and on my Twitter ( and Flickr(

  • Hello guys,

    So i will post a link to my last personal project here in the hopes to get some feedbacks (good or bad doesn't matter).

    Here are some things that i tried to accomplish:

    a) - I wanted to study more the human anatomy, and also wanted to practice more the digital sculpting and blocking out general forms,

    entire model was done from a polysphere so also a feedback in this perspective would be helpful for me.

    b) - Making perfect skin or realistic was one of the main objective with this model + anatomy.

    c) - Also wanted to practice more the lights scene and tried to make a good light enviroment for my character just so that it could simply "pop".

    d)- Hair cards were a completely nightmare, bear, moustache and eyebrows were entirely done after i watched kent tutorial:) so thx.

    And i would like to get near to Raf Grassetti style. 

    In other words i am eager to hear if i am selected for Blender Live Critiques! Link =>

  • Here is the project I'll submit, it's a final:

    I was trying to achieve a mix of realism and fairy styling. That was my first time trying to use Blender compositor to play with layers and different effects on them. What you guys think about it?  Which things were good enough to maintain on next works and which were bad so I don't repeat the same mistakes later again? 

  • I wanted something that is original, and looks good. I played with the texturing a bit to try to get something that looked nice. The idea came to me when I was teaching my little brother how to do blender. It was going to just be an hour glass, but then I wanted it to be something more.

    A little bit intimidating looking at the other people's artwork, but I think it's good to have feedback when I'm just beginning too.

  • So... What I want to submit for a critique session is my final submission for Realistic Character course.

    There a few things I want to know how to improve:

    First one is about hair, I want to know a way to model this type of haircut without getting to much pain on placing all the separate dreadlocks.

    The second one is about how to texture high poly characters, because 8kk of polygons is not something Substance Painter can handle in my machine. I understand how to do a realtime version, bake normals and stuff, but interested in highpoly texturing workflow.

    And all the other feedback that comes in your mind will be great to hear!

  • Here is my submission.  I had another project in mind, but it's not going to be finished in time and I still would like to get feedback on something.  I did this one last month, following Zacharias Reinhardt's Hydra tutorial on youtube. I was trying to imitate a fantasy-style painting that you might see on the cover of a D&D manual or board game box art. That's not really a genre I guess??, but that sort of not-quite realism and not super stylized either.  As per the tutorial, the idea was to make an appealing image quickly and efficiently so the dragon heads are all linked objects with some re-positioning to avoid making them look too repetitive.

  • Here is a short animation I made after being inspired by Kent Trammell's icicle stream and the winter weather around me: My goal was a realistic tree render. All of my textures are completely procedural, and my hdri lighting and background from hdrihaven here was the only thing I didn't make. I won't be able to attend the live stream, but if this gets featured in the video, I'd love to re-watch the stream and receive your critiques then. I'm specifically looking for input on:

    A. the snowy ice material on the tree. Do you have any ideas to make this more realistic? I have two meshes (one for the tree and a larger one for the ice) on top of each other, with a separate material for each.

    B. The general layout and composition. This is one thing I didn't spend much time on, as I was eager to finish the scene. Any input on improving the appeal of the scene while keeping it relatively simple?

    C. Any other input you may have for improving this project.  : )

    I'm very much a beginner, and I hope to learn a lot from your critiques on even this simple project.

  • I'm submitting my first character for an overall critique of it. I created some simple materials so that individual pieces are distinguishable. The orange piece is a gambeson, the dark blue one on top of it is a mail shirt and the brown one around the neck is mail neck protection. The lines at the ends of the mail pieces are going to be stitched leather bands (There are two on each arm of the shirt and they will have fabric in between)

    The wrinkles on the clothing are not final. I will redo them properly after retopo.

    I haven't created a gallery entry as this is obviously a WIP. Hope that's alright.

    Really sorry but I'm shamelessly pulling a sneaky on you and adding the sketchfab link of my current retopo on the day of the stream :D. I'll do some more polishing and even out the topology further tomorrow.


    I think it doesn't look too bad, but I personally wouldn't look twice at the picture. It doesn't get my attention. It just doesn't "pop". I've rendered with Cryptomatte on, so I can change just about anything, I just don't know what and how;)

    Any critique on the car model also welcome of course!

  • I am still having problems with depth of field in Eevee. Is just not working for me :(.  Also I was trying to add some motion blur with no luck. In cycles everything is working but it takes very long time.

    Everything is done in blender and rendered in Eevee.

    I wanted to make it look like from a children's cartoon.



    My submission for live critique


    Lots of submission so far, I hope there will still be time for mine 😅


    As some people may know the next couple of years I'm working on a huge personal project to practice all the things I'm learning (and to fill my portfolio), which is creating my own game level 😊 My main character is the son of what you could call 'futuristic blacksmiths', (its sci-fi themed), so his weapon of choice will be a spiced up sci-fi blacksmiths hammer!

    -> more context on the game in the first post of my dev log


    It's my first time modeling a weapon and my first time modeling for games, so I could use some feedback on it before moving on. 

    The hammer weapon is based on the shape of a real blacksmiths hammer. I began with that shape based of reference and then gradually build up the sci-fi parts on top to emphasize the shape. I have been adding some details to the high poly model and have been beveling with the bevel modifier, but I am waiting with the rest of the details / mesh decal stickers until the feedback, since I might need to change some things. 

    I'm going for a slightly stylized style with my game. Cartoony looking but with real life scale (so no over excagarated weapons and stuff).  I want to have enough details to make it look visually interesting (especially since this is the main characters weapon and it will be on screen a lot), but I don't want the design be too busy. The whole game will have just enough detail to look interesting, but the focus will be on character animation, combat and the story.

    Example of the amount of detail I want to use: Front / Back

    Some questions I have:

    - Is it sci-fi enough, how can I emphasize it more? Does it fit the stylized feel? 

    - How does the overall shape look, do I need to change things to make it visually more interesting?

    - Some parts look a bit empty to me, how can I spice those up without making it 'too busy looking'? I'm certain some parts needs some normal map details, but I also think in some areas it would be better to texture paint some extra interest. I haven't done any texture painting yet so I find it hard to decide what I should put where to make it look good but not overdone...

    - I'm also not entirely happy with the big light in the middle of the hammer head, it's just a huge light and it look a bit boring to me... how to make this better??

    - The game will be in third person view so the weapon has to look good from that angle, but I guess that all depends on how the character will hold it so how to test this out now?

    - Any design flaws?

    - Overall critique & tips?


    I've uploaded all my WIP pics and a sketchfab embed to my gallery


    Looking forward to some useful feedback! 😄


  • theluthier  hello kent ,as i told i want to go pro as a character artist, i was playing with blender for 4 years , and i started to take i seriously after the stylized character class , so i want to thank u

    i feel comfortable with the Tools ( sculpting ,texturing ) and  i know anatomy well .

    i ll love to here ur critique , and if u have any advices ! my last character is on my polybook thread . the concept is from C Walton ( i did one legged Pete from his concept)