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Learning color theory and application advice (Digital art)


I  want to start learning how to apply color to a line art (I only do  digital art). It seems really intimidating to aproach color learning so,  I would like a piece of advice about best materials to learn (books,  vids, exercises, etc.).

My drawings are  ussually used in games so, I don't need hyper realism. Mainly understand  color, how to create nice palettes and apply them.

My girfriend  bought me this book https://www.amazon.com/Color-Light-Realist-Painter-Gurney/dp/0740797719 but don't really know if it is the correct place to start for a total color novice.

Any suggestion will be really appreciated.


  • Have you watched the Color Course here at CGCookie?  I also completely recommend Gurney's book.  Even though it says it's for the realist painter, it's completely applicable to digital works.  You may not want to go for anything realistic, either, but it's important to understand how light and color interact in a realistic way to add more believability to your work.  For applying color to lineart, I would separate them out into layers.  Lineart on one layer, colors for various things on others.  If your lineart is drawn on a white background, you can use the Multiply blend type to only get the black lines and the colors will show underneath.  Good luck!

  • excellent advice from silentheart00 ...

    keep in mind to take on color study in terms of a color wheel... it helps to start to "see" the way color works together...