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[Feedback] Thoughs on Community Pages Navigation

just thinking out loud, as I've been working through the Blender March class thread, its getting quite large (17+ pages) so I thought i would give some possible ideas to make navigation slightly easier.

Presently the page selection is at the bottom of the current page for the selected thread, would it be an idea to also have this at the top of the page?

another one I was thinking about, when you have the thread listing, instead of clicking the thread and then navigating to the last page. there's the little icon next to the thread showing the number of new posts, would it be an idea to 'buttonise' (if that's even a word, cant think of a better one) it to quickly navigate to the page in the thread that this number refers to, ie jump to first new post?

Just a few thoughts as I'm looking through the community pages tonight :)

  • along with the above, perhaps a sticky to the last place you were...

  • aye, now i look how many unread post there is.. click on the last page and then scroll back manually said post many times going few pages back. so jumping to last read or unread post would be helpful.

  • crew

    Thanks for the feedback folks! We're definitely going to upgrade the forums later on this year, and that will include automatically jumping to the last read post so you won't have to scroll through so much. 

  • I've also a few tips for better and more efficient community forum usage:

    TIP 1: Lop_Left most button on the community offer now the choices:
    - Unanswered
    - Your topics

    How about adding a 3rd option to it which shows all threads to which you have contributed too / reacted upon, so one can easily find back all discussions one has contributed too?
    OR (an even better solution):

    TIP-2: Make is possible (in - for example - the user settings) to subscribe to any thread in the forum
    (with for example: email / twitter notifications, when somebody else is posting too in the forum)