Buenos Aires Street - 3D Final

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A small work based on a photo taken in the street. Both the signs and the streets were modeled from scratch. Also, for the plants I used Geometry Nodes.
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  • Good work on the Buenos Aires street, looking very realistic. Nice touch the way you sliced and encoppased the street in an almost diorama way. The car man, all the people that drive horrendously bad here drive a car like that and no wonder, even in the render he's basically left the car parked in the middle of the street instead of closer to the sidewalk. One thing I noticed, the "Breath fresh air" sign is mirrored with all the letter flipped in the back part of the sign and of course the banding and stretching of the texture where the sidewalk meets the road. Anyways that's nitpicking, great job overall with the render. Keep it cool. 🤙

    • Selectiv0 author

      Thanks for your review again, I appreciate your dedication. It is true that there are some wrong textures and they are a bit unfinished
      I forget to add a photo that I took as a reference that I used for modeling