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Learn In-Demand Skills for the Creative Industry

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to learn. At CG cookie, you can go from A to B with a learning path, chat with trainers in a live stream, or explore all videos on your own.

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Learn faster with guided Unity 3D learning flows

From A-Z learn Unity smarter and quicker than searching through YouTube videos. Follow this guided learning flow.

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Make your new knowledge stick. Complete quizzes, take interactive exercises and get peer feedback to skyrocket your skills.

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As s Citizen of CG Cookie, gain access to ready-to-download resources to help you learn quicker.

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Our members have gone from beginners to launching gaming studios and landing AAA jobs. Learn real-life studio workflows and do the same.

Common Questions Asked

  • Can I get a job with what I learn from CG Cookie?

    Typically within the CG industry you’re hired based on the quality of your portfolio and how you would interact with a team vs what it may say on your resume.
    Our goal is to help create a platform that enables you to learn those skills to be successful in what you do. In short, damn skippy, but it’s on you to do the work.

  • How often do you release content?

    Rather than churn out content, we believe in quality over quantity. Be assured that every new release is directly relevant to your success and teaches you meaningful skills. For the most part, you can look forward to new training every week.

  • How much time does it take?

    As with anything it takes persistence and time. Showing up every day working on that new skill is the only way to reach your goals.
    On average you should be spending a few hours a week engaging with the community, watching videos and taking exercises.

  • Why choose CG Cookie?

    You are in the right place if you look for a personal approach, want to learn WHY (instead of just which buttons to press), and look for pro-artist instructors with firsthand experience in the creative industry.

  • Wait, so you don’t make cookies?

    Yes, it’s a silly name, though our content tastes great! Yet still, we do enjoy eating the best cookie in the world, the Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookie.

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