Interview: Dieter Meyer

Hello everyone, my name is Dieter Meyer and I’ve been modeling with Modo for around 3 years now. I mainly model aircraft or tanks as I’m a huge military history buff. I like to create very detailed and accurate models, even if some details end up hidden it’s still satisfying to build them. I work mainly as a freelance/contract artist and you may find a few of my aircraft tutorials around, there are more on the way as well.

A Friendly Duel

If you could take a quick ride inside any of your models, which one would it be and why?

Well it’s a close decision between my Macchi 205 or my Me-262. I think in the end it would be the 262, from what I’ve read it had fantastic power and handling and of course it would be much more quiet than the prop driven Macchi.

What made you choose Modo as a tool in your work flow?

Modo is very user friendly and working in SubD is for the most part very easy, there are always challenges no matter what you decide to model though. I also really like how UV’s are handled in Modo and the many options provided to streamline the workflow of UV mapping. I love everything about it really, it’s a very straight forward fantastic modeling program.


Most artists find they are creative in the late hours of the evening or rather early morning. Do you feel you fit into this category, or when are you the most creative?

Definitely early in the morning, I’m an early riser and before my head is clogged full of the days work I use that time to come up with ideas for new artwork. I always keep a sketch pad handy and sketch down ideas as I work during the day.

If you could add on any feature to Modo, what do you think it really needs?

With the latest version of Modo an entire new suite of animation tools came out, they’re really great and a nice addition. I think the next step would be to add full skeleton rigs for character animation.


Are you currently working in the industry, or mainly working off of contract work?

Currently I work only off contract work but I’m definitely having a serious look into working in the industry full time.

How have you integrated Zbrush into your pipeline to creating assets with Modo, or what have you found it works well with on your artwork?

Zbrush is an amazing tool to use in addition to Modo, I just need to find time to use it more! I love sculpting clothing, pilot’s gear or uniforms for the most part.



Is there part of the airplane mesh that always gives you hell on, or is a part of the model that takes quite a bit of time to get right?

I really like to keep everything in SubD, coupled with the fact I also like to model in a lot of the detail on a fuselage I would have to say anytime there is a major access panel on a curved surface…it makes me cringe!

Visit Dieter Meyer’s portfolio site.

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