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Car Rendering Techniques

In this new tutorial for Modo we start to take a look on how to approach at car rendering techniques. We start talking about basic shader creation, studio lighting setup and how to approach to every single material using shader tree, raytracing with blurry reflection and global illumination.

We’ll take a look on how we can create glasses, rims, brakes, tires, different car paint surfaces, etc etc. The tutorial series will be split in different part to talk about basic stuffs, more complex and realistic shaders and the to integrate the car in a live photos with camera matching, light and shadows catching and final composite using Combustion.

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5 Responses to “Car Rendering Techniques”
  1. Posts: 1
    yrtsov says:

    thx….any modeling tutorial in the future maybe ?

  2. Posts: 2
    Malgoth says:

    Thanks for the tut!
    Would be great if in upcoming videos you’ll cover some common problems with material/lighting/rendering setup (noise issues for example) explaining why they occur and how to deal with them. There’s lack of such lessons for modo, most are just focused on modeling…

    • Posts: 19
      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks for the support and suggestion.
      We’ll work on it for sure

      Thanks again


  3. Posts: 1
    Mr.Archos says:

    Only one word: Amazing!

    Added to bookmarks.

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