Interview: Khalid Abdulla Al-Muharraqi

As with most interviews, please give a quick introduction to yourself.

Ok let me see…I did study, advertising and marketing for 7 years in the US. I did not like CG at first. I am a traditional painter…artist. It took me 6 months at school to be able to accept it. I also did photography.  I was with digital retouching and enhancing imagery.

So I did not study 3D in any class…it was not available at my school, but I was playing around with applications at that time. From Strata 3D, to Bryce, to Alias Sketch, nothing was available on Mac at that time.

I got into Lightwave first back in 1993 and I really enjoyed it. I used it in a lot of my projects for the next few years. I was at the same time checking out all the new apps, or other stuff. I like to test out things, and keep an open mind to new apps. So I went on and tried Maya…Max…and even Cinema 4D.

Usually with me it either clicks or it doesn’t…they did not. One day, I saw these really cool UV tools in an application called Modo. I investigated further  and then Modo goes on board here at the studio. We even put it on the to do list. (Download Demo and test) 😉

So…we began testing in between jobs. I was waiting for a client to approve some of my designs and visualizations and well…it was this project: http://muharraqi-studios.com/muharraqi_gallery.php?cat=ARCHITECTURE&id=57 The 2030 master plan for the entire Kingdom of Bahrain. I was working with one of the top architects from around the world, called SOM http://www.som.com/content.cfm/bahrain_national_planning_development_strategy and I was helping them do the presentation for his Majesty.

I had some downtime from this project and I downloaded the Demo of Modo 201, 30 day try out. I started it up and was able to do some work. This allowed me to creat the image “Mith Of The Floating Islands”

So from there people from the Modo community, Brad, and all their amazing staff have welcomed me into this amazing technology and the community was so much fun to chat with and interact.

I want to also add an interesting twist. When I first learned 3D properly on Lightwave, I used to buy DVDs that Brad had made…many years ago. It allowed me to get my work started. I had no idea that he will create the next generation of application that will hep me to get my work even better. So that’s why I always call him “My Teacher” because I learned everything from the Modo guy… Brad :)
So there you go…


What has been the most interesting project you have been involved in?

I don’t have one of those just yet, as I feel I am always moves upwards with each project. I always get interesting projects…whenever I believe that I am on the most interesting project the next one comes in and it is even more interesting. One of the of the interesting ones I have been involved in is this project where I have been working on future concepts and how cities may look in the future. With this I was asked to build the past.  http://muharraqi-studios.com/muharraqi_gallery.php?cat=SCENES&id=92 This is one of the oldest, well known names in the Kingdom of Bahrain…

The Al Khamis Mosque.

Every detail in it was examined with maps from the 1800’s. I had historians that specialize in old building structures and renovation preservation, old writings,  and what is left of the foot print of the building. The idea was to render the structure as it would have looked back in the past.  Even though it was taken over by different areas …in different times. No one is sure. The job was not as complex as some of my other jobs, but it was challenging to make something that old.  It was difficult to capture the textures and how the building looked. But overall, it was a fun project to be involved in.


Do you usually listen to Music while you work? If so what is on your play list?

For sure…love the music. I listen to everything, sometimes classic, sometimes.. NewAge or Chillout music. I love the 80’s stuff too…I am pretty colorful usually..and I am learning how to salsa 😛

Working with the large scenes that you deploy do you run into memory management constraints, or do you have a pipeline set up for this?

On my workstation I have no problems with memory. I use Mac and a BOXX PC. Usually I use them 50-50, but nowadays I have been doing more stuff on the PC, and I do have a render farm with 8 GB RAM as base for every unit with 20 nodes which gets upgraded most of the time.

I do update Applications much faster than I do with hardware. I just get too comfortable with a system and always get afraid of migration.


If you could meet anyone in the world, whom would you meet and why?

I wanted to meet Michael Jackson. I mean, he is dead now, but bout 3 years back he was in my fathers house with the prince. I was in a meeting at the time and couldn’t be there. He was in my fathers gallery for 1 hour.

I did not know until they called me that he was in my father’s house. Michael Jackson was very creative as well as an innovator, a creator of new ways, and the future of pop music. I mean most everyone knows of him big or small. He managed to make millions with his talent. And yes, as a human he screwed up at the end. But who cares, I look at the great things he did…and the long lasting sounds…style, and as a creator that was creative with his talent…one of a kind.

Can you describe a bit more on “Fun is Fundamental”?

That means…that if a job is not fun…then I will not do it. I mean we work for money, but it has to be fun…otherwise, hm…nope.


When you are not working on the computer, what do you do to fill your time?

Well…it is 1 AM here and I have been on my PC since 10 AM yesterday… 😛 I do work a lot…it is my hobby as much as my work, but I also work out a lot. I do Brazilian Jujitsu with my instructor, we do that 4 times a week and I do spar a lot with him…heavy fights. I like to do what boys do, fight each other :)



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    realy khalid almahruqui is a big honor for arabe disigner i like his work

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