Interview: David Revoy

Being a traditional and 2D digital artist, what has been your impression of the Blender community? Obviously you have been working quite closely with a lot of Blenderheads through Project Durian.

This question is funny because it’s linked to some comments I get from the community working on Durian like “the Blender family accepts you even though you are a 2D artist” :) These kind of comments, thinking I’m just a traditional and 2D digital boy is wrong; cause I’m partially a Blenderhead too.

To give a proof, I have to jump back in time :

checks this :

or this

I started in Blender with 2.36 and the cool splash from Venomgfx, and I speedily adopted it as my first 3D solution. I worked in the industry of product design (computer case / USB key ) while imposing Blender as the standard 3D tool too during some years, and  I still start many of my illustrations (landscape) on a 3D base with Blender:


So, sure; I’m not a 100% Blenderhead but you can understand that I was understanding all the conversations about Blender, even if I rarely opened this software in the Blender Institute… And this is really hard when you are a partially Blenderhead on the Blender Institute!

How did you come to be involved with Durian?

The story is a bit long and from 2005; almost same time the Orange team started “Elephant Dreams” production. I was totally fascinated by the concept of “open movie,” and I dreamed of the concept so strongly that I created my own open movie named “Hereva.”  My first contact with Ton Roosendaal was to ask some advice about my project. I trusted his message telling me in the big lines, if I remember, “without a physical place to gather poeple it will be hard,” and a lot of encouragement too to continue to build it. At this moment, I decided to finish the open movie alone, and did the “little fairy” text above. I learned a lot on this period.

When Peach project started, I sent my portfolio link as many artist to be in. Unfortunately I was with Colin Levy- (that’s fun) on the spare list. Spare list was a bit frustrating, but I continued to follow the peach project carefully.

In February 2009, some years after BBB, I received an email from Ton asking if I was available to be on the Durian core team as a 2D concept artist… and you know after. Useless to say I dreamed of such story on my Blenderhead start.


This one may be a bit difficult to answer, but can you give us a rough number of the total concepts/sketches you’ve drawn for Durian?

Mmmm…. it can be possible; counting the exact number of files (excluding WIP files) with the calculator: 189; but some crappy sketch too in it, so let say around 150 concept and maybe half of them for the final script (I drew a lot of refused pictures too).

Btw, I didn’t scan some sketch before and during the pre-production workshop, and this number doesn’t count the paint-overs, 1st storyboard and sheets with more than one drawing on it.

When you start a new piece, do you usually imagine the final visual? Or is it more of a organic exploratory path to get to the final result?

50/50; I come with my ideas, and the papers/computers with its solutions. The meeting of the both create something new. In this video I show a process that use a lot this:


Based on the recent news item from, it would seem you have a Blender Foundation training DVD coming out shortly. Can you tell us a bit about this?

That’s true, I do. The 5th Open movie DVD workshop for the Blender foundation named “Chaos and Evolutions”. It will be a DVD about 2D digital painting. This title illustrates the previous question about my vision of drawing: starting always a bit chaotic, and proposing with techniques some evolutions. I actually do the video editing with Kdenlive, and spend a lot of time on it.

Read more info about :

Presale is open if you want a copy :)


After the hours of work, what do you do on the side to relax, or keep inspired?

I like to spend time watching other arts on internet galleries, and try to deeply understand the author and his techniques. I like to read news about Linux software too, and contribute as I can. And outside a computer, I like to play guitar, read sci-fi or fantasy books and cook.


If you could meet anybody from any time and place, whom would it be and why?

“My angel”, “My good fairy”, “My guide” … anyhow you name it/him/her; just to say a big “Thank you”.

And thanks you for reading this :) and Blender cookie for publishing this.

Thank you David for the interview and the uncomfortable, yet kick arse image below. :) If you are interested in learning more about Davids work please visit his portfolio site.


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