Introduction to User Interface

This is our 1st Modo video¬† tutorial and we’ll start with a series of Modo tutorials that can be useful to all the people who are interested to start studying the Luxology software. We’ll start taking a look at the user interface and the view port system.

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5 Responses to “Introduction to User Interface”
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    Shahrez Rafiq says:

    Nice Tut. Thanks Modo Cookie.

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks a lot.
      It was done just to start introducing people to Modo. During next weeks you’ll discover a lot of tutorials and tips videos for a wide range of stuffs and difficulty levels.
      Stay tuned.

      Thanks for your support


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    troy williams says:

    Is Modo worth learning? What would you say are its advantages over other packages?

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      a.cangelosi says:

      I’m a 3ds max user since its 1st version under MS-DOS, I use it on movies, games cinematics, commercials etc etc. I love it. I tried so many 3d software and during my career I had to work on Softimage, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema4D, but I’ve to admit that Modo is the best package I can use in my pipeline, so I decided to use 3ds max and Modo together. It depends on the project or my preference and I can use one or the other one. There’s a lot of interesting things inside Modo, the modeling stuffs, its speed, the rendering engine, the Shader Tree, etc etc. It needs to grown, it needs Character Animation stuffs, fx stuffs, etc but it is following a perfect way for the future, so I can admit it is useful to learn it over other software.

      Please contact us freely for every kind of question you can have.



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    waseem says:

    i will start learning modo i think is very powerful software

    i use max and Maya

    im looking for software be faster in work

    i think modo is what i looking for

    thanks for this video and for the site


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