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I had two days off of work and wanted to see what I could finish in that time.
Project time: 18 Hours

Design referenced from photo. I added a window, changed the lighting(from day to night), and gave the room carpet(from hardwood and rug).

Comments and Critiques not only welcome but wanted!

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2 Responses to “Nursery”
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    hawkeye134 says:

    I like the general ambience of this render and micro models inside it. ‘But’ (there’s always a but lol) for me the carpet seems coarse and slightly too long and the white matte effect via the windows seem unrealistic. It would’ve been better to have that effect over the cot and moved the cot nearer the window. In addition, the mattress inside the cot could’ve had some bump map applied to it. Overall the image just needs some tweaking -maybe a slightly narrower camera lens but it all depends on what atmosphere ‘your’ going for :)

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      Thanks for the feedback!! I got the same advice from a couple other people and I’m going back to max to make the necessary adjustments.

      As far as the mattress goes, I’m disappointed the bump didn’t show in the picture. I’ll try and make it more apparent so it doesn’t look as flat.

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