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Nostalgic kitchen

A new version of my nostalgic kitchen.
I changed few materials, an other photomeric ies file and I used a render preset with fg and gi. The preset I had adjusted to this result.
I am still not complete happy with my end result, but the shadows are better visible than before.
If you like to give me some critics and comments, feel free to do this. It can help to get a better result.

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7 Responses to “Nostalgic kitchen”
  1. Posts: 208
    hawkeye134 says:

    Looking better Max, especially in terms of shadow detail and clarity. It gives the image that solid warm look as opposed to the original flat look :)

    However, there appears to be some shadow noise in some of the wall corners. Here’s a few questions for you:

    1. How many diffuse bounces did you use?
    2. what sampling min and max did you use?
    3. what fg preset did you use?
    4. what soft shadows precision multiplier setting did you use?

  2. Posts: 1026
    a.cangelosi says:

    An other good work in progress. Have you tried to render a test with just the interior lighting and a second render with just lighting coming from outer sun ?

  3. Posts: 79
    Max Philip says:

    Hi everybody,

    1. diffuse bounces: 4
    2. sampling: mitchel 1min 16 max, because lanczos makes the lamps more cracked than you can already see.
    3. fg preset:
    4. soft shadows: 2, glossy reflections: 1.5, glossy refractions: 1.5

    @ alessandro

    I use a daylightsystem, two mr Sky Portal and for the inside photometric ies files.

    I want get a better rendering result and hope with more fg and or gi density I can fix it.
    What do you think?

    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      I think you have to start working on lighting step by step to obtain best result, that’s why I asked you if you have renderings with just external lighting and just internal lighting. If you can, please render a test with no IES lights and post it, so we can tune external lighting, and later we’ll do the same with internal lighting.

  4. Posts: 79
    Max Philip says:

    I used uvw unwrapp and took in photoshop the right size.

  5. Posts: 30
    kickaha says:

    what a great piece of work….hope to see more of your work!

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